View Full Version : Ever17 sound problem

2006-11-12, 20:06
I installed Ever17 but I don't have any sound/music/voices, etc. How to fix this?

I found this post but there's no link.


2006-11-13, 01:40
(trying to get around the filter)


Scroll to "About the Malfunctioning Voice Files in Ever 17".

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2006-11-13, 01:41
(seems the solution is to put something, anything, in the username box)

2006-11-13, 05:55
Sorry, that was a bug. Should be fixed now.

2006-11-13, 13:17
Thanks, I got that but there's still no sound. I copied the voice.dat into my game folder and overwrite it. But there's still no sound. Is there something else to fix it?

2006-11-14, 23:25
can you hear any other sounds when you play music files?
Is your mute button on?
Are your speakers on?

2006-11-14, 23:37
I can hear other sounds, my speakers are on. I can't play the system sounds in special, but if I right click>save them, I can play them just fine. Is there another patch, a newer one maybe?

2006-11-15, 18:59
This is the correct site, right?
The voice.dat file I get is 460, 724KB, 449MB. Is that right or is it corrupted/incomplete?


2006-11-16, 01:07
Nope, correct site, and the file size sounds about right, though i don't have the files infront of me.

Did you turn the sound off when you first got the game, to get it working? Is it turned back on?

Remember how before you installed the sound patch, when anyone was supposed to be speaking, the text appeared s...l...o...wly? Does that still occur?

If the text is now fixed (and you are sure sound is enabled), but you still don't hear voices, it's likely there is another unrelated problem to the voice patch. Do you hear music? What about sound effects? (I seem to remember the first scene has the sound of ocean waves or something)

2006-11-16, 01:22
Just thought I'd log into my home machine to verify:

Voice.dat is indeed the size you mention, 471780472 bytes to be exact.
The MD5 sum is 857caf2f03ade8f0d4cdd7a39d555c03.

If you don't know how to create MD5 sums on Windows, google it.

Basically, if you get the MD5 sum of your file and it's identical to what I have above, you can be sure the voice.dat file isn't at fault here.
If that is the case, probably best to double check all your settings to make sure it isn't your fault, and then contact Hirameki directly for support.

2006-11-16, 17:00
I got the same MD5 checksum. The text is faster now. There is no sound, no BGM, no voices, no ocean sounds also, nothing. Maybe it's my computer problem, I will try it out on another computer.

2006-11-21, 17:13
It works now. Tried it on another computer and it works with sound and everything. Thanks!

2006-11-24, 14:04
enjoy... great great game

2013-02-06, 19:54
Get K-Lite Codec Pack (any version) and enable codec from:
Program Files/K-Lite Codec Pack/Tools/CodecTweakTool.exe/'ACM/VFW (x86)'/Microsoft ADPCM Audio Codec