View Full Version : Extracting CGs from a .pac?

2006-10-13, 17:58
D: yeah. I'm having MAJOR trouble with this. I finally got my hands on a copy of Koiyohou (the PSX release of the h-game Koiyoubi, or in the English release, Day of Love). Basically, I want to rip the CGs from it, but after searching and testing for about two hours, I'm still back to square one. The files, as far as I can tell, are in a .pac file. I either want to find a way to rip them, or find a WORKING psx emulator that I could just play the CD on my computer with and screencap the CGs as I get them.

Any help would be appreciated. =_=

(By the way, before you tell me that the CG set to Koiyoubi exists and I don't need to bother with ripping the PSX version- I bought Koiyohou for the sole reason that it has many extra CGs that weren't in the PC version. I just want to have the eyecandy on my desktop so I can view it whenever I want.)

And I apologize if this treads too much on the "no illegal stuff" rule ^^;; I'm not redistributing the game, and I got my copy legally- I just want the CGs- so I'm not seeing a problem from my viewpoint...

2006-10-14, 00:07
Extracting CGs for private use is fine. ^^

.pac doesn't identify a specific format - it's a generic extension that many companies use for any sort of packed data. So it's unlikely tht a tool exists to decode this particular variant.

As far as emulation goes, ePSXe is usually quite compatible, particularly if you fiddle around with different plugins. You'll need a PSX BIOS, though.

2006-10-14, 14:08
Got it now ^^ thanks!