View Full Version : clannad rldev extention dll problem. help~

2006-10-10, 18:04
I unpacked seen.txt in clannad folder with

kprl -d -e utf8 c:\key\clannad\seen.txt

And I edited all Japanese to Korean in seen0414.ke, seen0414.utf.
After that, I compiled seen0414.ke with

rlc -e utf8 -x Korean seen0414.ke

And I copied seen0414.txt into clannad folder.
And I also copied rlBabel.dll and .
And I add
to gameexe.ini.

But when I execute the game, corresponding part appears in some hanja(Chinese or Japanese)

What is the problem?

I'm sorry for my short English. -_-

2006-10-11, 04:52
Clannad uses RealLive :)

So you need to use and rlBabelF.dll, and you need to load the DLL by adding the lineLoadDLL(0, 'rlBabelF')somewhere in SEEN9030.ke and then recompiling that too.

2006-10-11, 05:20
It works.
Thank you very much.
And I have 2 other question.

When I update seen.txt,

kprl -a c:\key\clannad\seen.txt seen0414.txt

But error message appears.

Fatal error : exception Sys_error("Permission denied")

I tried with seen9030.txt also, but same error message appeared.
I think this command can't access to seen.txt file.

I tried
kprl -a haha.txt seen0414.txt

and it works. haha.txt was made.
But after that, I put same command one more time with seen9030.txt.

But it failed update haha.txt.
I think the command can make a new seen.txt but can't update it.

Second problem is graphic.
I decrypted src03.g00 and output file was .png file.

I edited the button in Korean[I preserved a frame] and encrypted it in g00 again.

After that, I copied it to \clannad\g00.
And I executed clannad.
In the game, in right-clilck menu, the save button is changed but it appears whole picture, 4button merged, src03.png[not part of it - one button]
And it doesn't work. I can't click it.
What is the problem?

I'm sorry for my bad English.
It's very hard to explain in English.
I wish I could speak English or Japanese.
I'm sorry and thank you again.

2006-10-11, 05:32
1 more problem.

When I skip the text, text being skipped appears in Japanese again.
(When I stop skipping, Korean appears)
Of course not original text, but strange characters due to my edit.

Thank you for your help.

2006-10-11, 12:24
I found your email asking one of those questions, so I have replied by email to all of them.

2006-10-11, 15:01
Thank you very very much.

I'll wait for your rldev update.

Thank you again for making rldev. It's best tool. ^.^