View Full Version : How to order web version of Planetarian?

2006-10-02, 00:38
I finaly got someone else intrested in Planetarian, but he is to stingy to buy it from HimeyaShop, he wants to get the $10 web version.
The problem is, it looks like the order process has changed.
I ended up getting here (http://www2.bgamebox.com/product_info.html?products_id=627) from a link on kineticnovel.jp (http://www.kineticnovel.jp/), and I managed to register there but from what I can tell those to links are to download it, or to add it to a watch list.
Can anybody help me find where I actualy buy it?

2006-10-02, 01:55
Insani's planetarian patch site's guide to buying, installing and uninstalling planetarian (http://planetarian.insani.org/guide.html) gives a photo illustrated guide in how to order the web version of the novel. Maybe you can find similarities in the proceedure if you have something to compare it to.

Hope that helps ^^

Ja, ne

2006-10-02, 01:57
That is what I tried first, but it looks like the moved some stuff around, so that guide doesn't work anymore.

2006-10-02, 01:59
Yeah, I just realized that and edited my post ^^; So you're already registered onto the site... try clicking the first button that's red and has ダウンロード written on it. That's Download in Katakana.


2006-10-02, 02:04
See https://www2.bgamebox.com/info_playmanual.htm.

Basically, they appear to have completely changed the system. The new system requires that you download the game first, then install a separate "DRM Buddy" program. Apparently the payment interface is contained within this DRM Buddy thing.

Note that they may have changed other things besides the payment method. If they've tightened up the DRM yet again, it's quite possible that insani's patch may no longer work with this new version. I would advise anyone counting on having a working translation not to buy it until someone has determined whether this is the case.

2006-10-02, 02:30
I'll report the results tomorrow, as long as I actualy figure out how to buy it.

2006-10-07, 15:24
By "tomorrow", I actualy meant next week.
I installed Planetarian, opened it up and it took me here (https://www2.bgamebox.com/info_playmanual.htm), and I downloaded "Buddy", and when I try to install it, after it asks me where to put it in the start menu, I get this error
http://nothingness.alsplastics.com/buddyerror.png, and then exists.

2006-10-08, 03:21
It says "Buddy setup complete"...

2006-10-10, 15:28
... But it isn't.
It should have been installed in "C:\Program Files\Interlex\Buddy", but there is no such directory, and when I try to open Planetarian it takes me right back to that page.
I've tried it on both Windows 2000 and XP, with Administration privillages.
I guess I'll try using an API monitor to see exactly what it is doing, if anything.