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2006-09-24, 15:00
@_@ I'm honestly fairly new to programming, so forgive me if this is kind of a stupid question... but I was interested in tackling the demo of Messiah. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what program to use to extract the files... they're all in either .pak or .dat format. Any help would be appreciated, and if this is too ambitious of me since I don't have as much experience, feel free to shoot me down =A=

2006-09-24, 22:43
Looks like this is an updated version of ROOT's old stuff used for yamibou. You'll probably need a dedicated hacker for this. As for the script files, they're inside Scr.Pak, and the main chunk of the script (often starting with AA EC) was first encoded using lz32 and then xored with the byte sequence [00 01 02 03 04 05 ... FE FF 00 01 ... ]. Hopefully this should be enough for a dedicated hacker to start poking around.

2006-09-25, 09:34
x_x aiyaaa, hex looks way too complicated for me... guess I'll just have to stick to onscripter ;_;

2006-09-25, 11:48
Have you read Ed's introductions to hacking over at sekai.insani.org? It's really not as complicated as it looks at first glance. :3

2006-09-25, 20:02
Hmmm... I checked it out, but unfortunately my files don't have defined filenames, unlike his example @_@ I'm still pretty much in the dark.

2006-09-25, 21:02
Heh, sorry about that, I haven't gotten around to writing the entry about XOR encryption yet. ^^;

2009-03-10, 10:12
Necroing this thread because I've developed a renewed interest in translating this >_>;; thought maybe there might be something new, now that this is about three years later. To give information, the script is packed in a scr.pak file, and all the other game data is in .pak files as well, plus two .dat files. I know next to no one here is into BL games, but this one is made by Core, one of Orbit-Soft's sections, so I figure maybe it uses a similar engine to one someone's already looked at. :x I've only had real experience in the ONScripter language, and I've tried hex editing but I just can't understand it... but if I have SOMEwhere to start and a basic idea of what I'm doing, I like to think I can push through til I figure things out. I'm just not really sure where to begin with this.

Rasqual Twilight
2009-03-10, 15:09
would help if you provided a link to the dl page at the very least... x-x

2009-03-10, 18:18
Argh sorry, was kinda braindead earlier (I kinda ended up falling asleep for four hours because I was so out of it). Here's the download page (http://www.orbit-soft.com/core/coresite_pages/03prod/messiah/messiah_pages/05down.html).

2009-09-20, 06:21
If you're still need the tools, here they are: http://www.mediafire.com/?yltomj4xd2w
Tools are written in php5, so you'll have to install interpreter first (get it at http://php.net/ ). Then edit pack.bat and unpack.bat in order to insert the correct path to php.exe file (by default it's located at C:\php5\php.exe).
unpack.bat decompiles file scr.pak into combscr folder.
First line - some number in the header. I didn't figured out it's function, so it was decompiled along with the script.
Second line - just a script description. Don't plays any role in the script.
Rest lines - commands. They can be formated with new lines. But don't change their structure.
Text mostly represented by TextOut, TextOutWithVoice and PushChoices commands. For them the text is wrapped by [FOLLOWSTR] and [\FOLLOWSTR] tags (new lines are also allowed inside of tags).
pack.bat compiles scripts from combscr folder into OutScr.pak file. Also, you can erase "REM"s from pack.bat in order to uncomment copy command. It can automatically copy OutScr.pak into Scr.pak in you game folder (don't forget to backup the original file).

Main files for Messiah demo: OP.x, DEC24.x, JAN07.x and SYSV.x

Some screenshots :)

http://img245.imageshack.us/img245/5506/mess1.jpg (http://img245.imageshack.us/i/mess1.jpg/)
http://img15.imageshack.us/img15/1484/mess2u.jpg (http://img15.imageshack.us/i/mess2u.jpg/)

Updated lineswalker.php with comments support here: http://www.mediafire.com/?mozwmfi4zkb
// This is example of commented line.