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2006-09-11, 15:46
i have a strange problem with ever 17. i've installed it, but there are no voices.

when i go into the "extra" menu, it can play the voices.

i found athread here with a link to a 400mb download. but i dont know if i should load it because....the voice .dat on my cd is npt 24mb big, its 460mb big. so it sould be fine....

i've only installed 1,7gbyte. maybe i have to install full?

help plz :)

edit: i copied the voice.dat on the hd and now it works :)

2006-09-11, 23:30
the total size should be a bit over 2 gigs for a full install...

2006-09-12, 06:46
I've sent an PM for you, mr.aufziehvogel, with all I found about the files. I hope it could be useful for you.

Once I don't know if Haeleth could permit I link the info (Nothin' about the complete game for download, anyway...), I won't post here. But I'll ask for him, and, if I have the permission, everyone with this problem could "solve" here. ^_^

See ya!

2006-09-12, 06:51
thx cyborg, but i don't have the problem any more :)

the only problem was, that i had a too little hd space for the game :) now i've installed the whole game on hd and it works fine.

2006-09-12, 06:58
We're welcome, mr.aufziehvogel. ^_^

See ya!