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2006-08-20, 09:20

I'm jagarl, the author of xclannad.

I released a new version (0.07) of xclannad. In that version, I merged
your patches. Additionaly, RLdev and the RLdev manual also helps me
to implement some new functions. Thank you for making useful patches
and RLdev.

2006-08-20, 11:33
Excellent news! I'll look forward to trying out the new version.

2006-08-20, 13:30
This is very cool. As with previous versions, it took a lot of tweaking to get it to compile on Mac OS X, but I've got it compiling now. I'm excited to see that music works on the Mac now (it looks like the music system has been completely rewritten to use SDL instead of the OS-specific methods used before, right?)

Unfortunately, I can't get past the menu screen in CLANNAD. It responds to my mouse click on the Key logo screen, fades to the menu, the BGM begins to play, and the menu options fade in, but they don't highlight when I roll the mouse over them, nor do they respond to clicks. I suspect it might have something to do with not using X11 (SDL on Mac OS X is configured to use the native Aqua window manager rather than X11). I may have also broken something when I was tweaking it to get it to compile, too.

I'm excited to see that you're continuing development on xclannad. It's definitely good news for those who want to play RealLive games on non-Windows platforms.

2006-08-23, 03:21
I can't seem to figure out what's going on with this menu bug on Mac OS X. In Clannad, if I roll the mouse over one of the menu buttons, nothing happens. However, if I move to the left edge of the window (but still vertically aligned with the button) there's a location 1-pixel wide and as tall as the button that behaves as I'd expect the button to. If I put the cursor in that zone, the button highlights, and if I click, it works like I clicked on the button. I get the same behavior on all of the configuration screens and the right-click menu. If there are several buttons to the right of the cursor, the leftmost one is the one the click goes to (the buttons to the right are inaccessible.) Here's a screenshot (http://www.roto1.net/misc/dev/xccursorbug.png). Note the position of the cursor on the left side of the screen, and the button hilighted in its normal location. (The cursor does display properly; for some reason it shows as transparent in the screenshot.)

What's confusing me, though, is that this behavior isn't consistent. Some clickable elements on screen work fine; all of the in-game choices work fine; they highlight when rolled over and respond when clicked.

Even stranger is the fact that all of the menus and configuration screens in the Tomoyo After demo work properly. The Planetarian demo, however, exhibits the same behavior as Clannad.

I'll probably track down the cause of this eventually, but if anyone a little more familiar with RealLive thinks they might know what's going on, or if someone has a suggestion of where I should look in the xclannad code (I'm still orienting myself to it and figuring out what's done in what files/functions) I'd appreciate it.

This is all stuff that worked fine in xclannad 0.6 compiled on Mac OS X, so it would probably help to know what might have changed regarding how the cursor position and clickable areas are handled between the two versions.

2006-08-23, 03:34
The menu buttons are handled as objects, while in-game selections use the generic choice functions, so my best guess would be that one of the object-related opcodes is broken. A brief check on my Linux box reveals the same result here, so it's not an OSX-specific problem.

RealLive has many opcodes with overlapping functionality, so Tomoyo After probably just uses a different system to check for menu clicks.

2006-08-23, 11:50
This should fix it:
--- scn2k/scn2k_grp.cc (revision 149)
+++ scn2k/scn2k_grp.cc (working copy)
@@ -1576,7 +1576,7 @@
// セーブ用にコマンドを元に戻す
- if (cmd.args.size() != 0) {
+ if (cmd.args.size() != 0 && cmd.cmd_type != CMD_SYSVAR) {
if (cmd.cmd1 == 1) cmd.args[0].value /= 1000;
else if (cmd.cmd1 == 2) {
vector<VarInfo> args = cmd.args;

2006-08-23, 13:49
Thanks, that does indeed fix it. ^_^

Looks like I'll probably be ordering my copy of Kanon Standard Edition soon, now that there's a chance I'll be able to run it pretty well without having to reboot into Windows.

2006-08-23, 14:22
I should perhaps warn you that Kanon SE is one of the games that doesn't run very well at present. To be precise, after the Key logo it just goes to a plain black screen, and the title menu never appears. I suspect this is because the background object layer is not fully supported yet.

2006-08-25, 13:10
Jagarl has released 0.07a; among other things, it includes a somewhat more precise fix to the above bug, which is probably worth switching to.