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Eien Ni Hen
2006-07-24, 18:19
Okay, I've got everything dumped and I'm in the process of translating. I'm having a little problem. The ` (backquote) doesn't work for my script, and I think I've discovered the reason. As was mentioned in the ONScripter post, 0.txt can only consist of 1 or 2 byte chars, not both, otherwise it doesn't test properly. Is this the reason my script is not spaced properly when I try to test it? And additionally, does everything in 0.txt have to be 1 byte chars or just the menus and text on the screen?

I really wish these things were documented better, but this is why I ask questions. ^^

2006-07-24, 18:52
Well, for starters, what are you working on, and what does your 0.txt look like?

2006-07-25, 00:16
Odd - it works fine when I just replace a couple of lines at random, leaving the rest in Japanese, so it can't be a character width conflict. Are you sure you're using the latest insani build of ONScripter (2006-7-24)?

Eien Ni Hen
2006-07-25, 03:07
Yeah, I'm using the latest version of ONScripter, but something tells me this game is a little weird. This is some of the Japanese text after a setwindow command:


Edit: Well, I got the backquote to work, but I'm still wondering why this game doesn't use any @ signs. Are all games that use Nscripter built uniformly or are there variations on text display?

2006-07-25, 03:54
The clickstr (http://nscripter.insani.org/reference/meirei/clickstr.htm) command is used, so the game treats 。 and 」 as though they were always followed by an @. If the documentation is to be trusted, clickstr only works with two-byte characters, so you'll have to insert @s manually in the translated version.

2006-07-25, 05:23
In this case, the documentation is to be trusted -- the clickstr command is entirely nonfunctional with 1-byte characters.