View Full Version : [Possible] Official HTTP Distribution for at2k6

2006-07-21, 08:47
Well, if haeleth says its fine, I would like to extend my invitation out to all participants of al|together 2006 the usuage of the [possible] official at2k6 HTTP distribution server on VisualNews (http://www.visualnews.net)!

Uhmm... its early on, but I'd figure I'd put out the instructions ahead of time so ppl know what to do ^^.

1) Finish your al|together!
2) Finish your al|together!
3) Finish your al|together! >.>
4) If you have a desire to control the display icon of your game (see full downloads (http://www.visualnews.net/full-downloads/) for referance), create a 100x100 icon.
5) Contact me through PM, IRC, Webform, E-mail, ect...
6) We'll set you up with an ftp you can use to upload your completed project (or alternatives if you dont know how to use ftp).
7) Your done!

Best of luck everyone on at2k6~!