View Full Version : Is there a FAQ on how to use NScripter?

2006-07-19, 04:39
I want to try using it and I got it to run but I'm not sure how to change anything. The site I downloaded it from...


Doesn't give very good information on how to start or what to do. It only gives commands which I guess are used for the program. How do I start using it?

2006-07-19, 05:05
That's the only English documentation I'm aware of.

Your best bet might be to have a look at existing games and copy what they do. Some games (particularly insani's recent releases) store their scripts in plain text under the name "0.txt"; any other game can be accessed just by running NSDEC (available from the insani site you know about) in the game folder. Open up the script, and use the command reference at insani's site to work out what each line does.

If there is any other help available in English, I'm sure someone will mention it soon!

2006-07-19, 05:28
Well, I downloaded the ONScripter sources and makefiles for operation sanctuary since I want to try one of Augusts other games, but I can't seem to find this "0.txt" you talk about.

What is one of there more recent releases?

2006-07-19, 07:26
Try Flood of Tears.

2006-07-19, 13:39
Wow this thing is complicated. Its like your actually remaking the whole game. I have no idea what files do what.

Maybe I'll just translate the dialogue and get someone else to help with the Nscript thing.

Is there a way to extract the dialogue from a game?

2006-08-10, 22:40
the 0.txt file can be extracted from nscript.dat use special tool likt nsdec or others....

0.txt file usually hv the structureslike this:





between *define and game is for u to define things which would be use in the whole game

and between *start and end is the main program of your game script...

after writing the 0.txt u should use a nscmake tool to compile it into a nscript.dat file for the exe to read

then run nscript.exe
your script will run

the simpliest example will be


effect 10,10,2000


bg white,10
wait 1000

2006-08-18, 23:37
In case NSDEC does not work for you (like it did not for me, under XP - I guess either you have to run it in Japanese locale, which I don't, or something's generally broken about it in this day and age) this simple Python program will replace it:


file = open('nscript.dat','r+b')

data = file.read()


string = ''

for character in data:
string += chr(ord(character) ^ 0x84)

outfile = open('0.txt','w+b')


It needs Python to run (which is a good idea to have in general if you mess with visual novels anyway) which you can get at http://www.python.org/