View Full Version : ONE troubleshooting

2006-06-13, 22:01
I am able to get myself a copy of ONE full voice version(2003). However there seems to be a problem that I will like others who have it to help.

You see, as I play the game, the bgm runs smoothly, until sfx or speechs of a characters come into play. The bgm will miss some frame upon playing the sfx or speechs, and then will continue to be distorted with "hiccup"s in between the bgm. Anyone experience such problem?

Side Note: Even Rumi is badly treated in the first few part of the game, I cannot decide if that Kouhei should stop doing so or not. Like, her response to most pranks are rather hiralious.

2006-06-27, 10:09
Actually, in my recent plug through, I noticed it having a 'pop' effect, almost like how winamp reacts to my MP4s when the CPU is under heavy load.