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2006-06-10, 11:09
A number of people have suggested switching the new IRC channel to ZiRC for various reasons (more convenient, better reputation). I'm inclined to go with that, but to avoid switching only to have another group suddenly reveal that they really really prefer Rizon, here's a quick poll to find out how many people would care. :)

[The poll is now closed: it showed a 4:1 preference for ZiRC.]

2006-06-10, 11:25
I'd prefer Rizon because my bots can only join one network at a time, so I won't be able to serve to both general rizon and #al|together on zirc if we move.

Other than that, I don't really care. ^^

2006-06-10, 11:29
I think I'd judge file serving issues as relatively unimportant - the files are all pretty small, so just linking to direct downloads would be "good enough".

2006-06-10, 11:32
Then I guess zirc it is. :p

2006-06-10, 13:07
We've officially moved to irc.zirc.org. Please join us. :p