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2006-05-30, 06:39
There's now a preliminary "status" page here (http://at2006.haeleth.net/status.php), which includes an up-to-date list of the games that people have already chosen. (If you've chosen a game and it isn't listed, then your registration hasn't been processed for some reason -- let me know!)

Feel free to use this thread to comment on games that you've looked at and haven't chosen, but think other people might like to try.

2006-05-31, 07:15
I haven't noticed that there is a person except me who is aiming promised land "Bakage-/Foolish game".

(゜Д゜) 誰だか知らないががんばれっ! でも負けないぞっ! 文の酷さでは!
[I don't know who is it, but do your best! But I won't lose! ... in terrible grammar!!]

2006-10-05, 05:27
Is there a website which catalogues all the doujinshi VNs? (can be Japanese, as long as its machine-translatable)

I'm particularly curious about the amount in each genre that's been released, i.e. nakige, bakage, yaruge, sims, etc.

2006-10-05, 05:41
Links to a number of indices for free games are available at:

I don't know of any indices for doujin games in general, but here's a fairly good collection of circles (categorised under 'link' at the bottom):

2006-10-08, 10:30
A particularly good list I used as a source was