View Full Version : All Future Eroge Games Rated 'Z'?

2006-05-29, 21:32

Scroll down a bit and check out the new ratings:
A = all ages
B = 12+
C = 15+
D = 17+
Z = Only for sale to 18 and over.

I'm not sure if this is a really a new system, just heard that it is.

2006-05-29, 22:11
I suppose this means we'll be seeing To Heart 3 ZRATED one day (ノ∀`) アチャー

'Tis indeed a new system (March 2006), although it seems more of a cosmetic change than anything else. I suppose the most that can be said is that it might make games more accessible to people who happen to be exactly 17, given CERO now has a choice of giving a game 17+ instead of 18+.

Transitional diagram with the old icons:

2006-05-30, 01:51
A lot of erogames have Z-grade stories already.

2006-05-30, 10:35
Are most eroge even rated by CERO? I just have a foil "18+" sticker on my Tenina...

2006-05-30, 10:44
AFAIK, CERO just handles consumer software, while bishoujo games on the PC are mostly rated by EOCS. (The foil sticker you refer to will be EOCS.)

2006-05-30, 14:44
From one interview I've read (from a couple years ago), CERO refuses to cover eroge. They were quite adamant about that, speaking as if it was an embarrassment to their industry.