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2006-05-08, 06:09
can someone help me?

i want to use oh! text hooker for shuffle. but all i get is something like

"Shuffle version xxx" over and over again.

can someone tell me how to use it right?

2006-05-08, 07:56
I have tried Oh! Text Hooker, and I had just as much luck with it as you.
I would suggest AGTH, it works better then Oh! Text Hooker, altough you need a program such as Atlas installed to use it.
But even AGTH doesn't work completly with Shuffle, at least not with the settings I have tried.
I seems that if the sentace is too long it will only capture the first half or so.

2006-05-08, 10:20
can you give me the links to the 2 programs?

i think the reason why oh text hooker isn't working is...i hav'ent installed the right font. i dunno which font i have to use. i start with gothic.

2006-05-08, 11:08
Atlas V12 Trail (http://www.fujitsu.com/downloads/TRNS/ATLASV12ETrial.exe)
AGTH (http://agthook.googlepages.com/index.html)

I don't think the problem with OHTHK is the fonts, it is known not to work with Shuffle.

2006-05-08, 12:26
i've installed atlas trial and atgh...i' open atlas and then... i open a shell.

agth /C path/to/shuffl.exe

and then.."atgh cant load atgh library" error....

2006-05-08, 13:26
Kinda off topic, but do you know which games would work with oh text hooker and AGTH?

2006-05-08, 14:45
Here (http://agthook.googlepages.com/compatibility.html)'s a compatability page, however there are many more games that work, some which require testing the different options. I often try /X if I can't get a text hook. You can always search the net to see if others have found a way to get it to work, forums are a good place to search.

2006-05-09, 11:44
What's the pyramid problem? Will it prevent me from playing F/SN? And it works properly with Tsukihime?

2006-07-05, 09:04
It's a little off-topic, but what's the system requeriments for the Oh! Text Hooker?

My win98 doesn't open it...
(So, I can see windows 98 isn't a suported system. ^_^)

2006-09-06, 22:46
i've tried ATGH too, but i didn't work. i can't copy/pase things and it didn't lock things ether.

is it normal for ATGH to require 1gbyte hd space???

2006-09-08, 21:00
The 1Gb of space that vanished is probably ATLAS since the agth executable is about a few hundred Kb. BTW what game are you trying mr. aufziehvogel?