View Full Version : Visual Novels With Bad Font

2006-04-17, 17:31
Do such visual novels exist? The font in some rpgs bother me very much, like Front Mission 3, 5, Grandia 3, Wild Arms Alter Code F(either too small or too penmanship-like). I wonder why they don't just all stick to standard large size font.

If a visual novel had such bad font, it's practically doomed, isn't it?

2006-04-17, 17:34
Now where was that Arabic screenshot of Clannad that I had...

2006-04-17, 18:42
Alter Code: F looked perfectly fine to me. Are you sure it isn't just you? :/

2006-11-16, 14:39
Ayaka Shibito and Xenosaga 3's font were too small for me.

Now with my new 42 inch HDTV, they are perectly legible.