View Full Version : Another Problem with Kanon... uguu~

Ayu Tsukimiya
2006-04-15, 07:28
Hi ^^'

Okies, theres another problem with my own Kanon installation (the problem I was telling about in the other thread was at a friends PC).

The game was running very good up untill now and I did come very far.

But now it seems the translation is gone, 'cause at my latest save slot there's only weirs letters now (I know this would be japanese if I had this language installed).


That would be of course not really a problem, but in the game itsel the textboxes are empty, except of the name.


Whats going on?

I love this game and I'm SOOOO thanfull that someone actually made a translation, because I really Love Kanon (well thats why I'm using this nick and avatar in many forums since a few years ^^').


2006-04-15, 08:08
That's what happens when you reach the end of the translated section. If you want to play the rest in Japanese, you need to change fonts; otherwise, it's time to join in the fun of waiting for me to release another patch. :)

2006-04-15, 08:47
A little off topic, but who's the new avitar Haeleth?

2006-04-15, 08:53
決まってるじゃない? (http://www.din.or.jp/~nekoneko/title/Scarlett/shizuka.htm)

2006-04-15, 10:13
That's what I thought at first, but the hair and eye color threw me off.

Wait, what's up with that anyways? Under-cover?

Ayu Tsukimiya
2006-04-15, 15:23
Oh hehe, well.. you really did a great job Haeleth *thums up*

I'm anxious! ^^


2006-04-15, 15:24
Wait, what's up with that anyways? Under-cover?
Play the demo and find out!

(Or not, as the case may be.)

2006-04-16, 17:24

The funny thing is, when I first saw that pic on the character page before the demo came out, I thought it was a coloring mistake. >_>