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2006-04-14, 14:52
Well, let's the legend: My monitor is some... bugged. =pī~~
And now, only windowed games works in my PC (Fullscreen games works too, but my monitor doesn't show them correctly...), and part of my games doesn't have a window mode... T-T

HOWEVER, I've heard about a software who make the games run in a window. It's the D3DWindowed.
He's avaliable in this site:

But this program is in japanese. T-T

And that's all the problem for me! T-T
Once it's in japanese, I don't know what the "option guide" can do for me if I need to do a "tweak" (and, actually, I need...)
Could anyone translate the options for me?
(In the D3DWindower, it's a icon with a little hammer (It's the same icon of the Control Panel. It'll be avaliable to click when you put an executable file.)

To do the soft works:
1 - Click in the "+" button to add an executable file. A game executable file, for instance. ^_^
2 - Select the exe and click in the "Play" button.
3 - Click in the "Computer" icon to run the exe file.
If doesn't work, close it, open it again and double-click it (or select the exe and click in the "computer" button...)...

When you select the executable file in the D3Dwindower list, the "Control pannel" button will be avaliable. It's the "option guide" I'd like who someone here could translate.

Thanks for help. ^_^

2006-04-14, 15:02
This guest is me.
(once again, I've forgotten to log in... T-T)

2006-04-15, 03:26
Have you always had that problem? It might be worth reinstalling your graphics drivers - I seriously doubt it's your monitor's fault.

2006-04-15, 16:04
Have you always had that problem?
No, that's the 1st time.

It might be worth reinstalling your graphics drivers
I've made it... and the problem persists...

I seriously doubt it's your monitor's fault.]
Well, I think I wasn't so "clear" about my monitor problem...

Sometimes, my monitor shows "mixed" in the BIOS (Ya know, the black screen who appears when you turn the PC on...), but works ok in the Windows/Linux, or vice-versa (the worst...)
Could be a grafic card driver problem even when it happens in the BIOS? o.O
And when you start a fullscreen game? o.O
Even in the Linux!? O.O

It's a litte strange...

(Mainly, my mainboard - I have an onboard one - has, only, 3 yars old, against my veteran, 8-9 years old, monitor...)

2010-08-08, 19:02
there is an English version available here: http://www.filefront.com/13838785/D3DWindower-English/