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Ayu Tsukimiya
2006-04-14, 14:45
Hi everyone!

I've got a big problem with installing Kanon on my system.
Everytime I try to install it, I get following error-message:


I have of course enough disc space on all my drives (severall Gigabyte on each drive).

My System is Windows XP, my maindrive is a SATA drive, then I have 3 other drives on my onboard raid controller.

I guess the problem is, the game or the patch doesn't find my drives because of this... can anyone help?


2006-04-14, 15:02
Why are you using the ancient 0.25 patch? Please try it with the latest version.

2006-04-14, 15:18
Tsukimiya-chan (?), If you don't know where you can get the lastest version of patch, you could try here:

(Useful if you've joined in this forum through a Google link, for instance...)

Ayu Tsukimiya
2006-04-14, 15:28
Because the old patch version can install the full game by itself, the new one can't do it.

Actually the problem occours not on my own PC, it's a PC of a friend of mine. the game runs without problem on my PC and I used the same CD.

I tried to install the game from the CD, but I had problems with install (I don't know what he wanted because i couldn't read it).

I tried your english installer of course, but it says something like "FILE ERROR!! ... Save.ini


The CD works perfect, I reinstalled the game on my own PC without any problem.


2006-04-14, 15:43
You need to set the language for non-unicode programs to Japanese.
Go to the Control Panel, find the Regional & Language Options, click on the Advanced tab, and change it there.

2006-04-14, 16:56
Why am I not surprised that 葉レスさま's installer has those kinds of error messages...

2006-04-14, 17:46
Why am I not surprised that 葉レスさま's installer has those kinds of error messages...I look forward to it in the final version.

2006-04-15, 04:14
Why am I not surprised that 葉レスさま's installer has those kinds of error messages...
It doesn't. That's an error message produced by the game itself, not by my installer.

Apparently incorrect information has made it into the registry somehow, because the game is trying to look for its saved data on O:\, which is presumably not where it is installed. To fix this, open regedit, delete the key \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\KEY\KANON (or \KANON_ALL, if it's the all-age version), then install the most recent version of the patch.