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2006-04-14, 11:57
By now I'm guessing that everyone who are interested in Fate Stay Night have figured out who saber is. Now the question, who would you have preferred her to be and of course why.

Quick summary of the three options:

Athuria: Fictional Character, someone the writer made up based on King Arthur, not much to say except she pulled the sword from the stone and built England/Britain's city of camelot. Notice the she, Arthur is suppose to be King hence male but whatever. Regret is that she was not able to accomplish certain things in life, maybe unable to unite Britian while she lived.

Boudicca/Boadicea: Queen of the the Iceni during Roman times. An historical character, she did exist. She lead the revolut of the Iceni and Trinovantes tribes against the Romans in Britain around 60'ish AD. Burned down several Roman colonies including Londinium modern day London. routed the Romans IX legio. Faced off against Gaius Suetonius Paulinus and his 1 1/2 legions (10,000 men) somewhere on Walting Street with at least 100,000 some say 1/3 of a million. Battle ended with minimal Roman casualties, at least 80,000 death on Boudicca's side. obviously she lost. Regret, most likely ordering her soldiers to charge the Roman lines head on, bad idea since the legion lines are almost impossible to break through with just badly armored foot soldiers and a frontal assault, that and bring families to the battle, where after the route of her army, the Romans killed everything from man, women, children, the young, the old and even the live stock.

Option three: neither, they both suck.

Yes I know Boudicca's bio is longer and no its not bias on my part, its just hard to list a bio for a fictional character, I can ofcourse list King Arthur's bio but I'm not sure if that is relevant info.

2006-04-14, 12:16
Interesting thought. I think I have to go with Arthuria, simply because the woman-everyone-thought-was-a-man plot twist was done so well. But if they'd wanted to choose a female original for her, Boudicca would have been a good option.

Only problem is, she probably isn't well enough known in Japan... ;)

(BTW, what's your opinion? You can vote on your own polls.)

2006-04-14, 13:59
I would have put Joan of Arc but figured I best stay within the British bounds since the Arthur legend is a British one.

Since I am a history buff, I would go with Boudicca, to me she has more reason for regret then Arthuria does, not ruling the entire Island is bad but having all the civilians killed just because you brought them to the battle to witness your percived victory is worse not to mention the over 80,000 dead because of her thoughtlessness. (Frontally charging a Legion with foot soldiers usually means defeat)