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2006-04-11, 15:42
It seems that C's ware is coming out with another Eve game this year called new generations. I thought they ended the eve series. The main characters is again that perverted detective Amagi and the female Marina. Here is the web page http://www.kadokawa.co.jp/game/game/eve/index.html

By the way could some one please summraize what happened in Eve Fatal attractions for me, since they didn't translate it and adam was an incomplete game with a really **** ending. Thanks.

2006-04-11, 19:22
I don't have a intention to speak ill of unreleased game, but...

"The word Quality Control is not in our dictionary" C's ware...?
"Too avant-garde producer" Kanasugi Hajime...?
"A jinx holder blessed with poor scenarios" Hashimoto Takashi...?

It smells dangerous. *shudder* (゜Д゜;)

2006-04-11, 23:14
Hopefully the will fix up the grammer as the relase date comes closer, as for the story, they can't do any worse then Adam so we'll see. Plus there are a lot of games that has worse stories then EVE series.

That aside, I hope they drop that Amagi/Yayoi thing in this one with them either getting together for good or kill each other, seriously its lasted for like 4 games already. (the 10th EVE game, both being 70 ish and still trying to work things out)

2006-04-12, 00:50
Sorry, I have a bad experience about C's ware (not about EVE series) so I tend to be disbeliever about them (and Caramel Box and Himeya).

After all, since scenario is the lifeline of this kinds game, it would depend on Mr. Uchikoshi Kotaro's* talent.

As a gamer who loved old adventures, I also have a part of feelings looking forward to their new challenge, but still... oh well, time will reveal the result.

*He is the same scenario writer of Ever17 and Memories off series.

2006-04-13, 01:42
Save for the EVE series and one route of desire (male one) I didn't really enjoy C's wares titiles, they were just how should i put this, weared to play and bad story line to boot. Hopefully the new PS2 EVE has a good story, Ever 17 had a pretty good story so there's hope yet.