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2006-03-31, 14:25
So here am I, and Randomly Acquire this MAD "Signal" (http://rapidshare.de/files/16880376/_MAD__Holy_Cross__SOUL_LINK__Signal.mpg.html) about a Game called Soul Link (http://www.project-navel.com/navel/soullink/).

After a little searching It seems It airs as an anime on April 6th...

So does anyone know what this game is about? Or heard anything on it?

2006-03-31, 14:33
well I've viewed the preview for the anime but you can't really tell much from that. though being a Navel game it might turn out good. but as good as Shuffle? I'll think on that once I start watching the anime.

2006-03-31, 15:10
I played through the game. It has a very cool plot and the final chapter was one of the most redeeming things ever. However, being a Navel game, there's a bunch of fanservice in the first two chapters of the game, and I hope the anime doesn't concentrate on that. It's still kind of cool that they kept Aki's voice actress and her brother's voice actor (even though he's going by a different pseudonym :D)

2006-03-31, 18:47
"Aizawa Ryota was in the 3rd grade of the preparatory course of Central Military Academy. AD 2045, he went to a space station, Aries, for the training with his classmates including Nagase Saka and Nittak Kazuhiko. However, the station was attacked by a terrorist group, Hallarax.

Whether can they escape from the station to go back to the Earth?"


Guessing same plot 0_o? I heard most endings usually end up with the main guy getting killed alot. LOL

2006-03-31, 19:23
Yeah, one of the bad endings comes from a choice made 2 choices ago where you decide to ambush the enemy as soon as they get through the door by leaning on the door. Unfortunately, they decided to C4 the door...