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2006-03-31, 09:28
Well, if this is news, then feel free to comment here, if it's not, one of the mods/admins can feel free to simply delete it.

Apparently the Tsukihime game is now at 56.17% translation over at Mirror Moon, and they have formally announced that they will be working on the Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel translation.

Edit: Whoops. http://mirrormoon.org/ is the relevant link.

2006-03-31, 10:36
(chendo, mirrormoon.org)
Looks like some clarification is needed. The progress is referring to the rewrite, -not- the translation (that was finished long ago).


2006-03-31, 13:05
You sure it's not an early April Fool's joke? ;o

2006-03-31, 16:57
It's not a joke, its been in the pipeline for a long time (I learned about it on Christmas eve).

(I'm one of the Tsukihime Beta testers, BTW)

2006-03-31, 17:32
Wait, Fate gets an English Patch? Are you sure about that?

Also, latest news from the man: Translation is currently at 67.15%, with the Arcueid and Ciel routes done. And yes, people, Ryuusoul is back. He's a lean mean one-man editing machine.

2006-04-05, 15:25
Its at 73.11 % now :D