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2006-03-28, 06:36
I've been playing through Clannad again lately, and decided to start writing a guide for no real reason in particular. Hooray.


岡崎朋也 / Okazaki Tomoya
The protagonist of Clannad. A juvenile delinquent. OR IS HE?

古河渚 / Furukawa Nagisa
(Voice: 中原麻衣)
A girl who meets the protagonist at the foot of the slope heading
for the school on the day she returned from her long absence.
One year older than him, but in the same year because of the
aforementioned long absence which resulted in her having to go
through third year again.

藤林杏 / Fujibayashi Kyou
(Voice: 広橋涼)
A third-year student. Unlike most of the people in the school, she
speaks to the protagonist and Sunohara easily despite their being
known as delinquents. ジーク杏様。

一ノ瀬ことみ / Ichinose Kotomi
(Voice: 能登麻美子)
A third-year student, and supposed genius. Spends most of her time
in the library reading.

坂上智代 / Sakagami Tomoyo
(Voice: 桑島法子)
「Because we all did nothing, except for making the grade by might and main.」
A second-year student who just transferred in. Wants to become the chairman
of the student council.

伊吹風子 / Ibuki Fuuko
(Voice: 野中藍)
The astral projection of a comatose girl with a starfish fetish who likes younger girls.

宮沢有紀寧 / Miyazawa Yukine
(Voice: 榎本温子)
「(Insert quote here)」
A second-year student who spends a lot of time in the reference room. Very polite,
but has a lot of friends who aren't.

藤林椋 / Fujibayashi Ryou
(Voice: 神田朱未)
「(Insert quote here)」
Kyou's younger twin sister, and chairman of the protagonist's class. Does fortune-telling
with playing cards, and isn't very good at cooking. Wants to become a nurse.

相楽美佐枝 / Sagara Misae
(Voice: 雪野五月)
Caretaker of the dorm Sunohara stays in. Her one true love is her cat. No, really.

春原芽衣 / Sunohara Mei
(Voice: ゆかりん)
Sunohara's sister. A normal person, unlike her brother.

古河早苗 / Furukawa Sanae
(Voice: お姉ちゃん)
Nagisa's mother. Triple ahoge.

古河秋生 / Furukawa Akio
(Voice: 置鮎龍太郎)
Nagisa's father, and a robot-loving baker who plays baseball with children.

伊吹公子 / Ibuki Kouko
(Voice: 皆口裕子)
「(Insert quote here)」
Fuuko's sister, who used to be a teacher at the protagonist's school.

岡崎汐 / Okazaki Ushio
(Voice: こおろぎさとみ)
「(Insert quote here)」
Nagisa and the protagonist's daughter.

幸村俊夫 / Koumura Toshio
(Voice: 青野武)
「(Insert quote here)」
An old teacher at the protagonist's school.

芳野祐介 / Yoshino Yuusuke
(Voice: ヒイロ・ユイ)
An electrician who used to be a rock star.

柊勝平 / Hiiragi Kappei
(Voice: 白石涼子)
「(Insert quote here)」
An ex-sprinter with cancer who looks like a girl and turned Sunohara gay.

春原陽平 / Sunohara Youhei
(Voice: 阪口大助)
Blonde freak. Looks freakier when he isn't blonde, though.

岡崎直幸 / Okazaki Naoyuki
(Voice: 中博史)
「(Insert quote here)」
The protagonist's father.

岡崎史乃 / Okazaki Shino
(Voice: 麻生美代子)
「(Insert quote here)」
The protagonist's paternal grandmother.

ボタン / Button
(Voice: 川名真知子)
A Being of the Extra Terrestrial origin which is Adversary of human race.

As you can see, I'm missing quotes for some of the characters. Any suggestions?