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2006-03-20, 21:49
Most visual novels focus on love/relationship. But there's also a few that aren't any of the above and contain many action scenes! I guess these types can't be called "eroge." Some of these are Suikogaiden Vol.1,2, Snatcher, Policenauts, Machi(this has been on Famitsu's top 20 games list for years),

Can anyone recommend any more?

Some visual novels aren't necessarily all about action, but have some very exciting action scenes, e.g. Akaito for PS2.

And there's also the mystery subset of visual novels. Do those have very exciting action scenes too?

2006-03-20, 22:23
What the heck is Machi, anyways? I've seen it mentioned here and there but have never figured out what it was.

"Eroge" is a rather wide descriptor that simply means 'erotic game(s)'. You can have very action-based games (Duel Savior comes to mind) that still can be classified as 'eroge' due to their erotic content.

Leaf's Tears To Tiara comes to mind as something you might be looking for--it's apparently a tactical strategy-esque title, but I know only of it by reputation, so don't take my word for it being any good.

2006-03-20, 23:27
There's Castle Fantasia 2, which is a visual novel with some rpg style battles inserted here and there as well as a few H-scenes. Seems to mostly be about the war going on in the story, rather than the romance between Hewie and whichever girl's ending you choose.

2006-03-21, 00:46
オルタ (http://www.muvluv.com/alternative/)。

デモンベイン (http://demonbane.com/)。

Alternative is V Gundam and Z Gundam with Tekkaman enemies and some time travel and alternate worlds thrown in for good measure.

Demonbane is HP Lovecraft with giant robots.



I found Demonbane kind of boring, though.

Alternative, on the other hand, is distilled awesomeness on a stick imbued with win.

2006-03-21, 01:07
Fate Stay/Night, for all of its faults, contains some pretty exciting action scenes.

There really aren't many titles that are comparable with the sort of games you mention, though. Primarily, all you'll get are strategy RPGs and a couple of arcade-style action games, mostly from GIGA.

2006-03-21, 02:57
I found Demonbane kind of boring, though.

I found Demonbane thrilling. I'm not trying to pick a fight over opinions, it's just what I would have mentioned (if it had not been already mentioned), so I do recommend it.

2006-03-21, 05:06
Matter of taste. really. Demonbane's not bad at all, but I just didn't find it all that interesting. Got both of Al's endings, and haven't touched it since. :/

You have to admit, though, those robots are ugly.

But hey, awesome hissatsuwaza names.