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2006-03-11, 02:00
Just wondering if someone should compile a list of which game formats have been figured out, which games run them and who to contact to get tools to extract/insert the game scripts? It might be useful for a potential translator to know which game formats have been "solved"

As far as I know...

Kanon, AIR

Planetarian, Clannad, Tomoyo After

Studio Ego
Vagrants, Izumo, Izumo2, likely others

XFL Format from Liar Soft
Angel Bullet, perhaps others

Baldr Force, perhaps others

nscripter (.nsa/.arc)
Tsukihime, Narcissu, lots of other games

KiriKiri (.xp3)
Fate/stay night, CLANN, lots of other games

Leaf .a/.p
Utawarerumono, Tenshi no Inai Juuni Gatsu, parts of Aruruw to Asobou
zalas/(person who I don't know if he wishes to be named)

Wind, Haruoto

some era of F&C games
Suigetsu,Pia Carrot?

Navel .PAC/.BIN

Navel .DAT
Tick Tack!

2006-03-11, 03:14
Majiro .ARC/.MJO/.RC8/.RCT
MOON CHILDe, recent NekoNeko games incl. Scarlett, R18 games
Haeleth (http://dev.haeleth.net/majiro.shtml)

2006-03-11, 08:44
alamone (http://www.ayashii.com/mizuiro/tools/) needs to be credited under NScripter as well.

alamone and sagara (http://www.ayashii.com/majipuri/tools/) were responsible for development of tools for CVNS (Majipuri, Akiirorenka, Alto as well as a few others). I can certify that these tools do work for Akiirorenka and Alto, and obviously they work on Majipuri.

alamone (http://www.ayashii.com/kujira/) has a toolset for Saishuu Shiken Kujira, although it isn't up yet.

The era of F&C games that roxfan's tools work for corresponds to F&C's ADVWIN32 (not to be confused with AVG32!) engine. sagara also did some work on this, although his toolset remains incomplete at the time of this writing.

minori .PAK/.PAZ
You can remove the ? from roxfan.

Finally: doesn't this belong in the Technical forum? It strikes me that this thread is the answer to the question posed by the original poster of this thread (http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=474), after all ...

2006-03-11, 13:46
Would you guys think a restricted wiki would be a good place to put this information, or just a normal website? And are there any suggestions on where to put this? I thought maybe a Visual Novel Hacking Resource page would be a good idea, and have it contain random technical notes on hacking visual novels along with links to people with devkits, etc.

Furthermore, it might be a good place for people to put up incomplete notes on game engines so that others could continue working on them. For example, I have a semi-complete idea of the Leaf .p bytecode, but am not totally sure on the semantics of each and every opcode.

2006-03-11, 14:06
Well... there's DSVNWiki (http://dsvnwiki.zomgames.net/wiki/Main_Page), which already has a very incomplete section on game engines which I expect we could safely take over. ^_^

Probably wouldn't be appropriate for actual notes on individual opcodes, but I thought you already had a wiki for that (http://www.cjas.org/~zalas/AIR/moin.cgi/GameFormat)?

2006-03-12, 14:17
I suppose DSVNWiki would be a good place, except for the fact that sometimes it seems that I can't connect. :/ I was actually thinking of moving the non-AIR related stuff off my AIR wiki and putting it on some generic wiki. :/

2006-03-12, 18:00
Some other stuff I worked on:
1) Cross+Channel .pd unpacker/packer. I beleive Ed made one too. The scripts are simple text (could be NScripter?), so there's not much to hack.
2) Da Capo .mes scripts. I have a working dumper/text replacer, though I didn't really figure out the opcodes. Also a crx <-> bmp converter.
P.S. I had to patch the exe to get half-width ASCII working.
3) Kannagi .axr unpacker/packer. Got sidetracked and didn't figure out fully the script format, though I beleive the guy called Snover did some work on them.
4) School Days .gpk unpacker, both trial and full versions. Scripts are plain-text XML files.
5) Figured out Melty Blood fonts format and improved EX3 compression.
6) Not sure if it's worth mentioning, but I also have tools for decrypting/encrypting scripts for Gainax's Girlfriend of Steel aka Iron Maiden (PC only) and Girlfriend of Steel 2 aka Iron Maiden 2. The scripts are plain-text. Probably would work with other Gainax games.

2006-03-13, 01:18
Okay, site up:
For those who would wish to help maintain this, the source data files I used to generate the page are at:
Basically, the python file parses an .ini file, which points it to the various .txt files which contain the actual entries. The SVN archive is read-only to the general public, so you'll need a login/password from me to be able to login. I don't have an auto-update function set up yet, so right now I'll have to manually svn update and run the python script and then upload it.