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2006-02-20, 15:44
The layout for haeleth.net is currently broken under Safari and other WebKit/KHTML browsers. You've tried to comment out a line in your CSS file using "//", which is not a valid comment in CSS (use "/* comment */" instead). Gecko doesn't seem to be bothered by it, but WebKit gets confused and renders the page without the CSS.

It's just a minor issue (the page is still usable) but it would be kind of nice to have the layout back. ^^

2006-02-20, 15:55
Oops, that'll teach me to do CSS when I've just been doing JavaScript. :(

Should be fixed now.

2006-02-20, 17:53
Yep, that looks a lot better. :)

The different comment strings sure can be hard to keep track of, can't they?

2006-02-20, 18:06

I really ought to get a KHTML/WebCore browser up and running... at the moment I'm only testing things in Gecko, Presto, and Trident. But that would basically mean installing KDE on my Linux box, and I'm not sure poor little Layamon would cope with such bloat...

Makes mental note to get a new Mac at some point. Unless there's a way of running OS X on an LC II? :P

2006-02-20, 18:26
Your LC II would suddenly erupt into a blue-gray smoke, the magic smoke having been depleted by the mere mention of OS X on a non-PPC proc. In short, the LC II uses a different architecture than the PowerPCs we know today.

2006-02-20, 19:16
Sure, there's a way to do it:

1. Find a Linux distribution that runs on the 68k processor.
2. Build X.
3. Build PearPC (a PowerPC emulator).
4. Mount and boot OS X installer disk image.
5. Go have a cup of tea while it loads. And another, and another, and another...

You could probably code up a complete PowerPC emulator in RealLive bytecode before it ever finished loading ;)

2006-02-20, 20:10
This is where we go back to it running out of Magic Smoke, and blowing up.

2006-02-20, 22:00
What if I donated my spare LCII and Classic II to Haeleth's? It could be an Apple Beowulf cluster!

We could call it... the 'Apple Grove'.

2006-02-20, 22:40
Apple Orchard probably sounds better...
Haeleth should get a Powerbook/iBook/MacBook and join me, Choco and gp32 in the mac notebook fanclub. ;o

2006-02-21, 07:53
I'd do so....if not for the fact I have no money, and I need to get an AMD-based notebook first....

2006-02-21, 08:00
Haeleth should get a Powerbook/iBook/MacBook and join me, Choco and gp32 in the mac notebook fanclub. ;o
I considered it.
Then I looked at my bank balance.
Then I typed <tt>ssh root@layamon apt-get install konqueror</tt>...

2006-02-21, 08:50
Woo! Nice. This is Konqueror running as a remote X client across a LAN, and it's almost as responsive as Firefox running locally?! I don't know whether to be impressed with Cygwin or disappointed with Firefox...

Hmm, I'm getting some weird results on the main page of haeleth.net. Does the Japanese text for 1 Jan 2005 get rendered diagonally in Safari too, or is that a Konqueror quirk? :/

2006-02-21, 10:35
Just remember that the original KHTML and Safari's fork of it can be wildly different -- sometimes so much so that it would be unfair to call Safari's rendering engine "KHTML" at all. To answer your immediate question, no, I do not see that 1 Jan 2005 issue on my iBook.

2006-02-21, 12:09
Looks fine on my Powerbook as well. Could it be a font problem with Konqueror?

2006-02-21, 12:18
Possibly. It's not restricted to my site, at any rate - seems any bold Japanese text will be rendered with each successive character slightly higher than the last, so the text rises across the page.

Either it's a problem with Konqueror, or with my setup of it (maybe it doesn't like the way I haven't installed the whole of KDE). I can't be bothered to track it down right now. Even if it's a genuine KHTML bug, it's clearly been fixed in WebCore, and that's the important platform...