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2006-02-18, 22:17
Front Mission 4, 5, Wild Arms Alter Code F all had some god-awful font. FM4's font was really tiny, it was nearly impossible to count strokes for words I didn't know and I had to squint often to read. FM5 and WA:ACF have penmanship-like font, just very annoying to the eyes! I gave up WA:ACF because of it! I played FM5 to the end because it was a good enough game, but even by the end the font still bothered me!

Do any visual novels have bad font?

2006-02-19, 01:30
I have the Dreamcast edition of Air. It's not a bad font, per se, but as you noted, it's ridiculously difficult to count strokes on the poor resolution of a TV screen. In this case, my problem could possibly be solved by getting one of the third-party VGA boxes for the system; VGA output from the Dreamcast is 640x480, or essentially double what the TV puts out.

So I guess that's not so much a problem with the font as it is the method of playing the game.

2006-02-19, 01:33
Yeah, I had the same problem as well. I had to resort to listening to them pronounce it and then typing that in -.- It was worst during SUMMER ;o

2006-02-19, 03:12
It's a notorious problem with console games. It's not so bad on the PC, where most visual novels let you choose your own font. The Visual Novels per se (the Leaf series) are a notable exception, but the font they use isn't particularly bad.