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2006-02-13, 23:41
Seeing part of the "kineticnovel.jp updates" thread, I got really glad I could nab a copy of Polyphonica, albeit with back-breaking Kinokuniya markups.

I was wondering, although I don't consider my japanese very good, the thing I have to ask is: Is this novel a straight rip (and touched up) version of the kineticNovel version?

I was just wondering if the title "Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica" would be different to "Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica: Wayward Crimson" ?

Just before the book shanks me with its language and leaves me poorer :([/url]

2006-02-16, 06:37
What is straight rip? Does it mean to make over something to another medium?

I, who is such person even not understanding the question well, answer as digging my own grave. If my six sense is telling me a wrong guess, pour sand over me and bury me.

Secondhand knowledge as before. Polyphonica Wayward Crimson is a sequel story ofPolyphonica. They are basically different stories, and Wayward Crimson is a story some years after from the KineticNovel version.

... It has been written so at amazon.com.jp. *digging digging*

2006-02-16, 13:18
Oh...I see...by straight rip, I mean textual version of the digital version of Polyphonica. Well, looks like I still need the original Polyphonica too.

Well that answers my question.

edit: clean up typing

2006-02-16, 16:33
I see. :) > straight rip

2006-02-20, 02:01
I wonder if he ordered already.

I happened to come across an information that Polyphonica will be sold as a boxed edition, as well as pranetarian.



The box edition is a package set which includes the first and second episode of Polyphonica, as you probably can suppose from the naming.

The main characters are full voiced (twelve voice actors!!), includes a sound track, plus a theme song and a movie. Price is 2800 yen (excluding tax)
I don't have any clue what means the first and second episode, though.
From the bottom of a hole.

2006-02-21, 12:12
I'd have to say..."too late!"...but, looking at my Japan trip in April, I get booted out of Tokyo to morning Planetarian comes out...

But...as a boxed edition, that'll be good to order too, but plowing through Wayward Crimson after reading the original Polyphonica'll be worth a try

Well, for the only user to reply, thanks for the info.