View Full Version : AIR WALLPAPER

2006-02-12, 14:13
i have a question:

do anyone here know where i can get a wallpaper from the map, misuzu drawed for yukito?

or is it possible to extract the picture from the game somehow?

this thought comes to my mind when i read the "misuzu can" thread..

2006-02-12, 15:00
Get Susie and the IFPDT plugin, and you can extract the graphics from the game trivially.

(Google will find both.)

2006-02-12, 15:11

i only have one problem.. currently i only use linux ;(

are there any susie programms or clones for linux too?

because i reinstall windows in ...a month :)

2006-02-12, 15:15

For Linux, the only program I know of offhand that does what you want is my own vaconv, which is part of RLdev (http://dev.haeleth.net/). I'm afraid there's no Linux binary at the moment, but if you're comfortable on the command-line you should be able to cope with compiling it, and then it'll quite happily convert all the graphics from AIR into nice usable PNGs for you.

There may be other alternatives. I can't remember whether xkanon includes a graphics convertor or not, for example.