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2006-01-27, 20:12
Does anyone know of a tool that will properly extract scenarios/images/etc. from a KAG3/Kirikiri .xp3 file? I'm using fate-unxp3.exe and while it recreates the KAG3 directory structure, all of the scenario files are unreadable garbage. Files in the bgimage folder don't display properly either; am I correct in thinking there's some sort of encryption that's preventing me from getting any workable files from data.xp3?

2006-01-27, 23:05
Regular kirikiri games have no bit flips in the decoding process.
Fate/stay night trial uses one set of bit flips.
Fate/stay night full uses another set.

If you're hacking a normal game, just comment out the part of the source that deals with bit flipping. If you don't have the source, I can probably give you the compiled exes on IRC.

2006-01-28, 03:38
Yes, it's just a normal game, and I do have the source, which is a whole other kettle of fish. For some reason, I can't get fate-xp3.exe to compile in my Cygwin environment - I get some unintelligible "DT_DIR undeclared" error. Fate-unxp3.exe compiles fine, however, which strikes me as odd.

Let me say that I am not in the least a programmer; the fact that I have managed to set up Cygwin, compile fate-unxp3.exe, and extract the data.xp3 file I'm using is nothing short of a small miracle. That said, I really have no idea which parts of the source to comment out in order to disable bit-flipping, as I am entirely unskilled in reading the moon language of programmers. I could get the compiled .exes from you on IRC if that's no trouble, or I could also compile the programs myself if you give me an idea what to look for in the source. Either way, thanks for the help!

2006-01-28, 11:09
I've only compiled it on mingw and had to make a few changes to get it to compile. So yeah, you can drop by in the #AIR channel on Chatspike, #nnl on zirc or #revolve on irchighway and ask for me. Can't say I'll be on IRC 24/7 though...