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2006-01-18, 19:31
Do japanese doujin game makers use encryption or anything special on the game archive? In particular interest is Air Rade Air because I've been disassembeling Air Rade Air to try and trace where the game screws up when vsync is off.
Note: I am really bored at the moment because I'm still on holidays and am disassembing Air Rade Air for fun (No I'm not looking for cheat holes, since I've gotten some of the characters already)

2006-01-19, 06:10
Usually compression but no encryption, but it totally depends on the game.

Even where encryption is used, it tends to be something trivial like cyclic-key XOR. (Even in commercial games.)

2006-01-19, 12:23
Wind and Haru no Ashioto use Blowfish, but that's probaly an exception that confirms the rule :)