View Full Version : Someone recommend me the ultimate onomatopoeia reference.

2006-01-15, 18:25
I find that a large majority of Japanese words that I can't find in dictionaries fall into the onomatopoeia category. I end up having to google to figure out their definition. I find that to be quite annoying. So does anyone know of a super awesome onomatopoeia reference book, or something?

And these onomatopoeias come up pretty often in visual novels, so I figured someone here would know.

Just in the first 2 pages of Air Anthology Novel Vol. 2 Black Rain story, I found 5 onomatopoeias not listed in my usual dictionaries.

2006-01-15, 18:51
You'll be very well off getting a dictionary specifically for onomaetopea(sp?) that's targetted towards a Japanese audience. That is, a sound word dictionary for Japanese people.

For the time being, you can use the one at www.nihongoresources.com (click on giongo)