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2006-01-09, 06:45
In addition to the more general questions answered here, please check the FAQ sections of the individual game pages at the main site (http://www.haeleth.net) before asking about a game I'm working on; your question may already have been answered.

In particular, there is a long FAQ section on the Kanon page (http://www.haeleth.net/kanon.html), which contains answers to many common questions.

Before this FAQ appeared...
(Key game) freezes as soon as it gets into the game - help!
Install this font (http://haeleth.net/dl/sazanami-gothic.rar). Then run the game again. And I suggest you switch to windowed mode (alt+enter) before you start playing, because there's going to be a very big dialog box blocking your view soon.

How do I get voices to play in (Key game)?
If the game in question is a CD-based version of Kanon or AIR, there's a thread on the subject here (http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=51). If it's Planetarian, the brief bits of voice at the beginning and the end are all there is. If it's anything else, there is no voice and no way to get any.

Can I help edit/test/Americanise Kanon?
Thanks for the offer, but the answer is either "no thanks" or "not yet". Editing I do myself, testing is by invitation, and currently I'm envisaging the Americanisation process as a collaborative effort which I'll set up when the British version is actually in a fit state to be Americanised.

Why not release a Kanon script as a text file, so people can read it while they're waiting for the patch?
Because I want people to laugh and cry when they play Kanon—but I want them to be responding to the jokes and drama, not the grammar and spelling. When the editing is finished, the patch will be ready.
The script is damn hard to follow without the game. Imagine a "choose your own adventure" book. Now take out all the instructions and section divisions. Fun to read? I don't think so.
I prefer to mitigate my copyright infringement by distributing the translation in a form that requires you to have a copy of the original work. A text file wouldn't meet that requirement.
Whatever happened to Dark Law?
Too difficult, basically dead. If some l337er SNES hacker than I ever was ever approaches me with a working hack for the menu system, the project will be resurrected.
As for a textfile release, see previous.