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2006-01-09, 06:43
Welcome to the forums at haeleth.net!

The topic of this forum is technical issues with the games I've translated, and, more loosely, other technical issues with Japanese software in general. For more general or social discussions, try "General discussion" next door.

The rules are pretty simple: No spam. Anything that looks like commercial spam will be deleted on sight. Note that a number of Russian ISPs have now been blocked completely due to spambots operating from their networks. If you think something was deleted or blocked unjustly, contact me and we can discuss it.
Keep it legal. Don't ask for, or provide, links to roms, warez, or similarly dodgy stuff. Discussing translation projects is fine as long as you don't discuss unauthorised distribution. If in doubt, PM me before posting.
Keep it polite. Don't flame. Don't post adult material inline, and identify non-work-safe links!
Don't ask when projects will be complete, whether you can beta test something, or whether I'll translate such-and-such a game; the answers are "when it's done", "no", and "probably not". Other common questions are answered in the sticky thread with the giveaway subject "FAQ".
If you want to post spoilers, make sure people can't read them by accident. ROT13 (http://rot13.com) is the preferred method.
The board is not allergic to new threads. If you have a new topic to discuss, please create a new thread to do it in!
Language. Keep it clean. English is preferred, since that's the language everyone here has in common. Japanese is OK too, but it'd be polite to include an English summary if you can.
One further note: I do not have direct access to other people's private messages, so I can't easily control how they are used. If anyone uses them for spamming or other abusive purposes, please let me know (haeleth AT haeleth DOT net) so I can take appropriate measures.