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2005-12-27, 22:51
Guide to use the _inmm.dll
(Original name: The (im)perfect Kanon "crack" by Alberto)

NOTICE THAT it'll be the last update (v5, in 01-05-2009) for this guide in VisualNews//Gemot Encubbed//(Whatever). From this moment on, this guide will only be updated in CD-2-DVD forums (http://www.cd-2-dvd.com/modules.php?name=Forums) only. And as you could notice, my nick in CD-2-DVD.com is [/b]KillerOh[/b].

The _inmm.dll program "teaches" these games to play their music files from some folder, and not from the Extra-Mode CD. Well, you can do the _inmm.dll read the musics from the original CDs, but it seems to be useless...
To do this nice trick, it uses the DirectShow or an external player (Winamp) to play these music files, which also means you don't need to save these music files in the humongous sized WAV files.

Despite having very few english (and hence known) games (The program is "most" designed for japanese games like Kanon, AIR, X-Change and X-Change 2, for example), you can add new game entries and extend the program funcionalities for them!

This guide will provide a way to USE and EXTEND the program funcionality. So, keep reading on!

Of course! You must learn about fishing before go fishing, right?

This guide is based in the following ones:
-> Re-Volt guide (http://dynamic.gamespy.com/~rva/viewtopic.php?t=71&view=previous&sid=a971ad92b75d2b9bc097ea5d717de276) (Seems to be dead; not a complete guide and only directed for Re-Volt)
-> Stranger from Gemot Encubed (Some information about program funcionality)
-> My own guide (http://forums.novelnews.net/showthread.php?t=6951) from VisualNews (Now it's the same of this guide)
-> Tons of "Try-and-error" by me =D
1.1 - The files (A.K.A., what you need to search in Google?)
-> The _inmm.dll program (obvious!)
The _inmm.dll homepage (a japanese one) is here (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Domino/8282/). It contains the links for the Installer and zipped version.
Mirror should be provided by CD-2-DVD soon.
Installer one is simple: Install and done.
Zipped one needs you unpack the "_inmm.dll" file in the "(OS HDD unit):\(Windows folder)\System32" folder, and the remaining files in any place you want.

-> The game you wanna patch (Not so difficult to understand, right?) along all the game patches, cracks and, if you want, all the game stuff you wanna install.
That's because the _inmm.dll patch should be the LAST THING you should apply in the game. Not that some AOE2 mappack will change the game executable, but you should keep both eyes in the files that _inmm.dll patches in the game. If you change it/them after applying the _inmm.dll, you could blame me because your own fault. :D

-> Some CD-ripping software - And, depending your needs, an audio converter sofware could be handy.
You can use even the MediaPlayer CD rip. As long as you provide the BGM musics in some place, you don't need to worry much.
To make the things simple, always use the BGM musics in .mp3 format.

-> And the nice programs (Daemon Tools, UltraIso/MagicISo, Nero... you got the spirit).
1.2 - Time to proceed... Starting the _inmm.dll
Well, after install the game(s), take all music files in some place and install the _inmm.dll, open the program:
-> Installer users: It creates a shotcut.
-> All users: Go to the program folder and run "_inmmcnf.exe"

When you open the program by the first time, you'll see the "Method (http://i113.photobucket.com/albums/n211/cyber_ockelampa/1inmmdlinitialmoment4gg.png)" tab.

The defaults from this tab are:

Drive=(whatever drive you have the audio CD in)

There's no need to change anything here by now, so go to the next step.
1.3 - The "Error" tab
Here, you can adjust the _inmm.dll error reporting level, but some shown error are simply "useless", as they don't crash the game or something
So, if you hate such things, set "Error Reporting level" to NONE.
1.4 - The "_inmm.ini" tab
Here, you'll add the game musics. The _inmm.dll allows you to add the musics in two ways:
-> The first one allows to add the CD tracks from the original CD, but it's useless for us. Anyway, see how to do it:

In the _inmm.dll tab, press the "CD tracks" button. This will pull up a dialog box. Make sure you have the game CD in the preferred drive for gameplay and select that drive from the drop-down drive option. Then click "get", and then "OK."

-> The 2nd way is to add external music files, and that's the way you should prefer if you intent to do a CD-2-DVD conversion and includes the BGM music. See how to do it:

In the _inmm.ini tab. press the "Add" button. It'll show a browse window.
Select all the music files from there and then click "Open" to add them.

No matter the way you choose. The tab will show the selected tracks/music files, and you'll need to save a "_inmm.ini" reference file in the game folder.
To do it, press "save" button. Then, save in the game folder. It's Simple, don't you think?
1.5 - The "Patch" tab
Here, you'll patch your game and be grateful for the fact this program was created.
Go to the "Patch" Tab. You can find the game you wanna patch by simply scrolling down in the left list (with random/japanese characters) and find the game producer, then see the game in the right list.
Or, type the game name in the text area above the lists ans press "find".
Once you find the game, press "Patch".
It'll show a dialog message (Or, depending the game, a folder browse window where you should choose the game folder) showing the files that will be patched. Press "OK".
It'll show a "sucess" window, showing which files were patched, not found, etc. Press OK again and exit the program.
The next time you run the game, it'll load the "_inmmserv.exe" (You'll see its icon with the "clock area" ones), run the game and play the BGM musics inside the folder you selected in Step 1.4.
The game(s) still need(s) the _inmm.dll to properly work(s), so DON'T UNNINSTALL IT!

1.6 - That's it. You did it!

Actually, the configs you should need to REALLY do is in the "Method" tab. Let's go:

2.1 - "Method" Tab.
->> If you want to change the player method, simply change it in the "player" column.
"None" seems to be self-explanatory. =D
"MCI" seems to be the way the CD unit plays the music from the CD-Extra or Mixed-mode CDs, as this "player" just works for these cases.
"DirectSound" is a DirectX component, so you already have it, like this or not! Use this one always you can.
The "Winamp" (You know this one), "SCMPX" and "SoundPlayerLilith" (Japanese audio players) are all "external" players. You don't need to install them, as 99% of the games will work with DirectSound option. If, by some twist of fate, DirectSound becomes your enemy, try winamp.
->> To add a new format, simply write (with no quotes) "*.(EXT)" (Replace the "(EXT)" by the music file extension) in the blank boxes in the left.
->> To add two or more formats in a single line, use the (again, no quotes) "|" between file extensions.
2.2 - "Player" Tab
Actually, you'll hardly use this tab, as I have all sure you'll use "DirectSound" all times. Also, for the ones that downloaded the _inmm.dll installer and already have Winamp installed, the player folder will be automatically inserted...

Anyway, you can always change the folder by the "Browse" button.
Don't try to "foll" _inmm.dll by indicating the MediaPlayer folder. It won't accept the WMP exe file just because it's not named winamp.exe.
Also, keep "Hide window" marked. This way, the player will be "invisible" in the Desktop. Nothing to worry, as you see.
All the another tabs (Error and General ones) should be some useful options for some very very rare, if none, cases. The program will work normally in their default configs, so don't worry much about this, ok?

3. HOW TO EXTEND (or try to extend) THE _INMM.DLL DATABASE
'cause that's the REAL reason you're here reading this humongous guide. =D
In order to do it, first BACKUP the "_inmmcnf.ini" file. You never know when you should need the complete, original database just for reference... I can say this to you because I did it. =)

To short, the "_inmmcnf.ini" contains all the game entries. You can DELETE all the "unneded" entries and keep only the one(s) you'll really need (A nice thing for the ones that wonder to use the _inmm.dll zipped version in their conversions).

A game entry has this "layout:"
[Game name]
Where Entry1, ..., EntryN are the own program "values", and Data are the game "values".

For example, see a entry for Dungeon Keeper Gold:
[Dungeon Keeper GOLD]
RegKey=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Keeper
As you see, the blue) values (Before the equals) are from the _inmm.dll, whereas the red) ones are the game values.

These are some common "program values" you'll use in your entry tests:

->> [] (Bracelets): Betwenn the Bracelets, you'll put the game name, or some kind of name to reconize the game. It MUST be the first thing you'll add in your new entry, as this will be the name you'll see in the right list in the "Patch" tab!

->> Group: After the equals, you should add the game producer. It's the name you'll see in the left list in the "Patch" tab. It MUST be added, no matter you hate this.
Ex: Group=Bullfrog

->> RegKey: After the equals, you should add the registry entry for the game. This is optional, but adding it will allow the _inmm.dll to patch the game with NO need to browse the folder.
->> Value: After the equals, you should add the Registry value that contains the game folder. Only works when you use the "Regkey" value.
Ex:RegKey=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Keeper
In this case, the "Path" value will be shown as a kind of "folder" (but with no folder icon ;)) in the Windows Registry Editor (type "regedit" with no quotes in Windows -> Run) when you browse the "RegKey" folder.
Obviously again, you can use "RegShot" to get these Registry data. =)

->> MessageX (Change the "X" by a number, starting by 1): After the equals, you can show a nice (or stupid) message windows with only a "OK" button to show any relevant data to player.
If you wanna see a message BEFORE patch the file, place the "MessageX" BEFORE the "file" (see below) value. If you wanna see AFTER patch, then, place the "MessageX" After "File" value. Nice and simple, don't you thing?
Nice hipotetic example =3

[Total Annihilation (v3.1, no-CD Patched, Winamp needed)]
Group=Cavedog Entertainment
Message1=Before patch, please install TA Patch to v3.1 and Winamp. If you don't use the TA no-CD patch, please install it before patch. If you've made all this, so click "OK" and continue with patch.
Message2=Ah, before I forget! DON'T unninstall _inmm.dll, or the game will crash! (Well, unless you remember to change the exe file...).

->> File: You lived so long to come to here, son...
After the equals, you should add the file you will patch with the _inmm.dll
If you wanna add more than one file, put a comma (,) between then.
A example with only one file to be patched (Dungeon Keeper Gold):
A example with MORE files to be patched (Hipotetic):
File=Mss32.dll, gameRun.exe, KoeSound.exe
That's no need to say this nice line MUST be added to your new entry, no matter you blame me!

This will be a nasty and "try-and-error" work, as you, at start, don't know which files should be patched. So, check some "hints" to do a "Scientific Try and error". :P

-> No matter the file you'll use, and the fact the _inmm.dll does backup of all patched files (All have their extension renamed to .ORG in the game folder). Do a backup of the files you'll try.

-> In most cases, the Main executable file should be the one you should patch. It works for Rollcage and Rollcage Stage 2, for example.
However, don't expect to do a sucessful entry already in your your first try! Several different games has different ways to "play" the music tracks from the game CD, even needing to patch more than only one file.

Again, Rollcage 1/Stage 2 are the examples, as both have separated exe files for "Direct3D" and "Glide" modes. There is no way for Rollcage 1 (Apply _inmm.dll on both), but Rollcage Stage 2 works by patching the "Mss32.dll", just like Dungeon Keeper Gold.

-> Speaking of that, Civilization: Call to Power and Re-Volt, natively supported games, have the Mss32.dll patched by the _inmm.dll. If you kept both eyes in this guide, you'll notice that the same happened with Dungeon Keeper Gold (A not present game in the original database).
So, always keep the original "_inmmcnf.ini" file for reference. Several games by the same game producer or with a few common files could be patched by the very same way.
For example: Re-Volt, C:CtP and Dungeon Keeper (No matter if gold or not) have the "Mss32.dll". For the first two, that's the patched file.
So, which file you should try if your game has an file called "Mss32.dll", my friend?
Got the spirit? Then, go ahead and be happy!

->> And last, not least:
It seems to be pretty obvious that _inmm.dll only works with games whose CDs are all Extra-mode CDs or Mixed-mode CDs (I mean: take the game CD, place it in your CD player and see how many tracks it has. If you find more than one, you can listen the BGM tracks from your CD player, starting from the 2nd track.) Any another game won't work, so don't waste your time in your vain "experiments" to do Counter-Strike Condition zero playing the Dungeon Keeper or Total Annihilarion BGM musics with _inmm.dll patch, right?
There are another few program values related to registry entries, but the ones you saw here are enough to do a nice job, as I don't know how they works as well...
Also, you can always go to the program manual in the _inmm.dll folder to see more info about this. And yeah, it's all in japanese.

Now you can pick some nice game entry that's not really included in the program, but works anyway.

Just remember: Install the game, patches, cracks, mods, hacks and such.
The _inmm.dll patch MUST BE LAST THING you will install, otherwise it could mess the _inmm.dll patch up, depending which files will be modified.

To add a new entry, just open the "_inmmcnf.ini" (notepad is your friend :P) and add the lines from each game above the 2nd file line (I mean above the line starting with a ;). And do the basic job: Save the file, then install, patch, crack game, apply _inmm.dll... you got the idea. :D

-> My own entries (So, thanks "Cyborg_Alberto" or "KillerOh" by using them. :D)
** Dungeon Keeper Gold:
[Dungeon Keeper GOLD]
RegKey=HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\App Paths\Keeper
NOTE: It should work with the non-gold Dungeon Kepper w/o the Deeper dungeons expansion.

2005-12-27, 23:04
I'd like to ask to make this topic a stick one (Like the guide to install the voide patch), once _inmm.dll is a better alternative than "setfade" for Win 2k/XP (and maybe everyone who has Win NT-based Operational system, like Win 2k3 and Vista) users to fix the problem related here. (http://www.haeleth.net/kanon.html)

Anyways, I hope my huge guide could be useful for all here.

See ya!
And have good dreams. ^_^

2005-12-28, 02:27
Just a few things in your first post, no offense intended;
In the "Who, really, needs use the _inmm.dll"
Title, grammatically, should be "Who, really, needs to use _inmm.dll"
and underneath for 1° Haleth's-->Haeleth's
Also DirectShow is on par with WinAmp since DirectShow can actually play more filetypes if setup properly. (Comparison based on plug in free WinAmp install, as the more plugin's you get the more memory is hogged). This means if your one of those anime nuts (Like Me:P) you could actually get away with playing .ogg through DirectShow. If your computer is not setup with either ffdshow or the set of codecs go for the WinAmp option for .ogg or .ape. For .flac .tta and other which have DirectShow plugins you can take WinAmp or the Dshow routes.
I'll delete the post after the corrections are made. :p
Anyway thanks cyborg_alberto for the guide.

2005-12-28, 20:37
07ChanF, why did you thing your post coud be a offense?

I'm very thankfull for the corrections. The main guide has fixed.

And about DirectShow: In the truth, I haven't tested the DirectShow with another formats yet (and my Kanon CD music files are all, only, in wma format; the CD-DA option has been tested with another audio-CD) Also, I don't use ffshow, although I have the K-Lite mega codec pack installer for install this... eh... (forgive my ignorance) "plugin"... ^_^;

But I have sure DirectShow can't play umx¹ files, once winamp needs a plugin for this. ^_^

And no, you don't need delete your post. Keep it, because I think I need to make a better correction in my guide (Not only delete the 1st advantage I've seen of my guide, as I did...)

Anyway thanks cyborg_alberto for the guide.

Not at all. It's very good to know you liked it. ^_^

See ya! ^_^
"Enjoy the good dream with the utmost pleasure. Maybe it could be your last one." - Cyborg in serenity times

¹ umx: Unreal Tournament Music format. Winamp needs a external plugin to play this format. Get it here (http://download.beyondunreal.com/fileworks.php/modsquad/unreal_tournament/utilities/UMX_Decoder.exe). Foobar 2k player can play umx without a extra plugin. But, of course, if you don't have Unreal, Unreal Tournament, games\modifications who use Unreal engine (Like DeusEX (Game who uses Unreal engine), TacticalOPS (an UT MOD who have became a game who uses Unreal engine. MOD is boring, is like to play CS with Bots...), TrieveryUT (UT MOD)...) or any kind of umx file, you don't need get the umx plugin.

2005-12-31, 13:39

Time to put some useful(less) things...

Before start, however, see also this Stranger post. (http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=33&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=32) He has posted about the _inmm.dll before me, but I've found his post toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo late...

1° In the _inmm.dll site (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Domino/8282/), we have two _inmm.dll versions: a executable and a zipped. what's the best?
Both are the same _inmm.dll you'll use to patch Kanon game. But once executable file is smaller than zipped one, I suggest you to get the exe file.
If you have gotten the zipped file, instead open _inmm.dll shotcut, you'll open the _inmmcnf.exe after unzip all data in some folder you want. Simple. ^_^

2° _inmm.dll works with (insert the name of game here)?
Only with the listed games in "patch" tab.
As I said before, Kanon and AIR can be patched, as well as Kanoso/Kanoso64, ONE, ToHeart, WarZone2100, Age of empires 1 and 2, Rise of Rome...
How I'd like _inmm.dll work with Total Annihilation... T_T

3° (By Stranger FAQ (http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=33&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=32)) Is it possible update the _inmm.dll?
Accoding Stranger, yes. Only download the _inmmcnf.ini in the _inmm.dll site (http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Domino/8282/) and put in the _inmm.dll directory.
See what he posted about this:

Q - What's with the newer version of _inmmcnf.ini?
A - The _inmmcnf.ini file contain the list of games that the tool can patch (or to be more correct, what file to be patched in each game). So the developer of the tool might support some newer games, but have no update for the tool itself, therefore to make it easier on the end user, s/he have provided a seprate download for the list of games. So if you have a new game, and you can't find it in _inmm list, then just download the new version of list and hope that it is supported now ;-). And if it is not supported yet, you can edit the inmmcnf.ini file yourself using Notepad.

4° I don't wanna use the _inmm.dll anymore. Do I can "unpatch" the game?
eh... almost...
You have 2 ways (and the obvious: Uninstall/delete Kanon folder/reinstall) to undo the _inmm.dll patch:

a) before to use the _inmm.dll, make a backup of the game executable (the avg3216m.exe, if you're patching Kanon), so you can replace the "unpatched" game.

b) However, you have another solution, posted here (http://forums.haeleth.net/viewtopic.php?t=33&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=32) by Stranger:
After patch the game, go to the game directory. You'll find a file with "org" extension (For example: the Kanon game executable is avg3216m.exe, and you'll find a avg3216m.org file in the game directory). Just delete the avg3216m.exe and change the avg3216m.org extension for exe (Or, rename "avg3216m.org" to "avg3216m.exe") and you'll have the game "unpatched" again. Simple ^_^

4.1 - Hey! I've found "avg3216m.org" and "avg3216m.org1"!
It's because you've patched the "avg3216m.exe" twice. Use the "avg3216m.org" and delete the other.

5° Well, I have another game who can be patched by _inmm.dll. How I can use the _inmm.dll in this game?
It's Simple:
a) Install the game;
b) Take and install the lastest game patch;
c) take the _inmm.dll and follow the guide.
d) In the "patch" guide, just choose the game you wanna patch.
If you wanna patch Age of empires 1, Age 2 or Rise of Rome, click in one of the names in the left and type "M" (Of Micro$oft) in the keyboard
If you wanna patch Re-Volt, make the same, but type "A" (of "Acclaim") and so on...
If you don't know the game by your publisher, you can select "show all games" (the 1st option of the left list) and type the initial game name letter in right list. For instance: Type "A" and you can find Age of Empires or AIR, "R" for Re-volt or Rise of Rome, "W" for Warzone2100, and so on

5.1° _inmm.dll works with the game expansions?
Don't ask me. I don't know.
But you can try install the game, the patch, the expansion and the _inmm.dll. Make a try!

Only this for a while.
Maybe a new question will be added here, but I have almost no hope for this...

See ya!

2006-01-04, 14:39
wanna listen "Last Regrets" original version instead game version in game opening, replace "Omen" by 2nd music of Kingpin game soundtrack, use another audio CD instead Kanon one, and so on)

I'm wondering if avg3261m.exe selects songs randomly during scenes in Kanon, or does it select a specific "track line" in the _inmm.ini for specific scenes? (Ex. "track line 1" for Kanon startup, "track line 5" for Ayu in shopping center.)

"Track line": Each line in the _inmm.ini file corresponds to a CD track or music file....or so I've heard.

Anyone know?

2006-01-04, 15:39
Simple answer for trackline is that the actual track order is important (from what I've mucked around with...). The songs are stored in a random like order on the disc (Eg. Track 20 for the Opening song, Track 1 for the when main character is reflective..). This means that the songs used are probably hardcoded into the executable somewhere. the _inmm.dll and .ini are just a mapping of the source for the audio in teh game to another soundfile.

2006-01-04, 20:34
Unfortunately, Guest 2, I don't know a way to make the _inmm.dll to do a random selection each time you start the game, although you can select the music in any order you want.

However, the "track file" order is important, as 07ChanF talked before. Even because the _inmm.dll only changes the way you'll play the game musics (Instead use the Game engine - I think... - , you'll use DirectShow or Winamp)

For instance:
a) the 13° game music track (Don't forget! Kanon is a mixed mode CD: The 1st "track" is the game data, and the musics start in the 2nd track. So, in the _inmm.dll order, that's th 12th track file, ok?), Morning shadows - Shinji Orito is the music you listen in the game main menu.
b)The 21th game music track, Last Regrets - KEY Plays after you've talked with Nayuki in the start of the game;
c)And the 22th game music track, Where the wind leads... - Shinji Orito Plays during the credits

If you wanna use another music to listen instead Morning shadows, for instance, Megalomaniac - Incubus, all you need is change the "Morning shadows" track.

See the _inmm.ini file with Kanon game musics. They are in the C:\jogos\Kanon\bgm folder (In my PC. "jogos" means "games"). The same thing can be made if you're using the Audio-CD tracks.

C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\02 - 2 Steps Foward - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\03 - The Clamour of the days - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\04 - The girls' opnions - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\05 - Behind the smile - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\06 - The fox and the grapes - OdiakeS.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\07 - Sunny town - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\08 - Her cage - OdiakeS.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\09 - Girl of the snow - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\10 - Promise - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\11 - Pure snows - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\12 - Sea fog - OdiakeS.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\13 - Morning shadows (Main menu music) - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\14 - Winter fireworks - KEY.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\15 - Newborn wind - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\16 - Afterglow - KEY.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\17 - Ridge of frozen soil - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\18 - Ruins of a dream - KEY.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\19 - When i wait for the wind - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\20 - Omen - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\21 - Last Regrets (Opening) - KEY.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\22 - Where the wind leads... (Credits) - Shinji Orito.wma
C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\23 - Little fragments - Shinji Orito.wma

Changing the 12th track file for "Incubus - 01 - Megalomaniac (LIVE).mp3" in the C:\Animes\AMV folder (In my PC again!)
To make it, clear the "Morning shadows" track line in the _inmm.dll patch tab, chick in "add" and select a music you wanna. It'll appear in the "Morning shadows" position.
(Problably, you'll get a blank line. Please remove it.)
Of course, you can edit the _inm.ini file in Kanon Directory if you prefer.
See the _inmm.ini file after changes:

C:\Jogos\Kanon\bgm\02 - 2 Steps Foward - Shinji Orito.wma
(To avoid a huge post, I've removed the another traks, but once they aren't unchanged, they're useless here.)
C:\Animes\AMV\Incubus - 01 - Megalomaniac (LIVE).mp3

Now, my Kanon game will Play Incubus - Megalomaniac instead morning shadows when I start the game.

You can make the same thing to make a random music select, changing the musics order yourself.
But your selection will play in this order every time you start the game, unless you change the order again. Winamp "shuttle" function doesn't make this random effect, once _inmm.dll makes winamp loads only the music for the specific game scene.

I hope I've helped you.
And thanks for your help, 07ChanF! I'm very grateful by this.

See ya!
Good luck!

2006-02-11, 17:33
Ohayo ^_^

Thank you very much for the guide, Cyborg_alberto-kun! it was very useful for me. ^_^

Now, I'd like to show some useful to do with the _inmm.dll.
Accoding you FAQ, "(...)The _inmmcnf.ini file contain the list of games that the tool can patch (or to be more correct, what file to be patched in each game). (...) So if you have a new game, and you can't find it in _inmm list, then just download the new version of list (...) And if it is not supported yet, you can edit the inmmcnf.ini file yourself using Notepad."

Well, after read this part, I've tested the _inmm.dll with other games who still NOT have in the _inmm list yet. Here!

a) Rollcage
a.1 - Restrictions:
- If you wanna listen mp3 files, you'll need a Rollcage no-CD patch to work.
- It's STILL needed to find the game executable manually. However, it can allow you to update both, D3D and Glide Game executables.

a.2 - Code: Copy and paste this code in the _inmmcnf.ini in the _inmm.dll directory...

[Rollcage (No-CD Patched)]

Final: Sucess

b) Total Annihilation
b.1 - Restrictions:
- To listen mp3 files, you'll need the Total Annihilation no-CD patch.

b,2 - Code: The same thing as Total Annihilation ^_^

[Total Annihilation (v3.1, no-CD Patched)]
Group=Cavedog Entertainment
RegKey=HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cavedog Entertainment\Total Annihilation
Message1=Before patch, please install TA Patch to v3.1 and Winamp. If you don't use the TA no-CD patch, please install it before patch. If you've made all this, so click "OK" and continue with patch.

-With crack: Sucess
-Without crack: Almost... It seems doesn't work properly with MCI, but works with Winamp. The game, however, it is a little slow...
-With TA:BT and TA:CC: Not tested yet, but once these game expansions modify the game itself, then they should operate correctly.

After see this, I think you wanna try to patch some game, right?
So, that's the time, and it's easy! ^_^

Open the _inmmcnf.ini and follow this example to write the "new game entry":
[Name of game you wanna test the patch]
Group=[Group who made the game. For instance: Cavedog for Total Annihilation, Key for Kanon, AIR and such]
RegKey=[The registry entry. You can see this directory typing "regedit" in the "Run...". Take very much care with the Registry!]
Value=[The regstry data about the game executable file. For instance: DAT_FOLDER for Kanon. It'sa optional.]
Message1=[A message you wanna _inm.dll shows before apply the patch. It's optional.]
File=[The name of file who it'll be patched. In most cases it's the game executable.]
Message2=[Shows a message after apply the patch. It's optional.]

For instance:
[Kanon - Test]
Message1=Before start, install Haeleth translation patch. After this, click OK.

If you use it in the _inmm.dll, in the Patch tab, when you choose "Key" group, in the "Title" list you'll see Kanon - Test.
When you select it, you'll see a dialog box with the message1. After click in "ok", a new windown will open so you can find the Kanon directory. After patch, you'll see a dialog box with "message2". Simple ^_^

Keep in mind that some games doesn't be patched with the _inmm.dll. A example is Worms 2.

Mata ne

2006-02-12, 17:20
After lost my speakers and the OSs integrity (Yep! Both, win98 and Linux Kalango), I've lost the sanity, re-install the linux and finish my day here, posting some useless things to keep my sanity at normal levels...

a) Rollcage(...):If you wanna listen mp3 files, you'll need a Rollcage no-CD patch to work.
b) Total Annihilation(...):To listen mp3 files, you'll need the Total Annihilation no-CD patch.

Hmmm... the good'n'ol unnoficial no-CD game patches
They're some CD-Units live saver ^_^

Speakin' serious, I'm sure you know about the (A-HAM!) "illegality" of these patches (A.K.A game cracks), guest Ayu. But, of course, I don't see any problem if you have the ORIGINAL games like me. ^_^

And thanks for the TA hint. It came in a good time ^_^

See ya!

1- Win98: Ancient Operating (?) System who's still in use in (maybe) about 40-50% of all brazillian PCs. It isn't anyone in my country who can buy a mega PC to run a WinNT-based OS...
2- Linux Kalango: Another Linux version. It's a Brazilian, Debian-based, full of useful softwares, free operating system. Kalango (original name is calango) is a kind of lizard.
... and be careful about piracy "threat" here in this forum ^_^

2006-03-15, 21:25
Keep in mind that some games doesn't be patched with the _inmm.dll. A example is Worms 2.
No more Ayu-chan!
(It's a "beta 1" version. I'll improve in this post.)
Simply copy this and paste in the _inmmcnf.ini...
[Worms 2]

At least it's working in Windows XP (I still need test it in win98 again...) And, of course, once Worms 2 needs the CD in the CD/DVD-Reader/Burner, you still CAN'T play it with _inmm.dll and without CD.
And before I forget: As you can see, I've patched the 2 game executables. In some cases, you'll need patch more than the executable. In some cases, even a dll file can be patched.
For instance (in the _inmm.dll original gamelist):

AH! and before I forget: All (A-HEM!) "unnoficial NO-CD game patches" I've tested for worms 2 didn't work (Maybe because I have a brasilian version, and almost all "unnoficial NO-CD game patches" are for english versions). Anyways, doesn't waste yer time searchin' again right? It's a nice way to get Viruses, Intruders, Spyware, Trojan and Adware. >_<

(Before everyone here wanna explain me (again) about piracy, I have the original game. So, If I'll use such patches or not is only my own problem. At least the game is the original one. Or do ya think I've tested the _inmm.dll only for play Kanon without problems in XP?)

Needless to say: If you know about another games who can be patched with _inmm.dll (GAMES WHO STILL NOT IN THE ORIGINAL _INMM.DLL GAMELIST! >_<), post here ^_^

See ya, ad have good dreams ^_^

2009-04-30, 19:15
Just to say, I added a completely updated guide for the _inmm.dll.
Now it'll serve for all games, not just for Kanon.

And as I said in the first "re-post", I'll only update the guide I did in CD-2-DVD.com. There, I'm KillerOh.