View Full Version : airrade air +EFZ replays

2005-10-19, 08:21
did someone here have some replays for these 2 games?

i played airrade air to the 3rd level and what happened? strange things... in the replay i am killed by kano (the boss of 2nd level).....but i've played it to the 3rd.. strange

anyway. i would find it interesting to see how you guys play airrade air or EFZ :)

2005-10-19, 11:57
I have an Airrade Air replay that I'd love to share. 1.28 billion points and the clear on normal difficulty with Misuzu. Unfortunately, the weirdness you describe with your replay is pretty much the norm as of the current version; my replays inevitably break somewhere down the line, and this particular one breaks on every single boss battle from Kano on (that I was able to check) and several times mid-level as well. Even the demo plays included with the game never seem to work right. In theory you can skip to the next level by pressing the shot button while the replay's playing, but that hasn't worked for me. I guess all we can do is wait for the "ver. 2" patch that's supposed to be coming out toward the end of the year and hope they manage to fix the replays by then.

As for EFZ, you may have better luck there, but I'm afraid I don't play it. Even Shiori and Mio aren't enough to get me to enjoy a fighter.

2005-10-19, 18:53
anyway. i would find it interesting to see how you guys play airrade air or EFZ :)

If you don't mind watching someone who sucks at those games, I'd be happy to oblige making replays for you...

2005-10-23, 02:27
yeah i would like to see some replays :)

i still need more training :) i've only played it to the 3rd level.

2005-10-26, 09:55
i got to the 5th level, died...

2005-10-26, 10:17
then send me your replay plz :)

2005-10-28, 11:22
lol im going to have to look for it, but still, its much harder then AirRade summer :( at least it seems to have more things characters etc, and anyone notice in AirRade summer it called yukito a girl by saying heroin sellect XD
(dont mind my spelling if i made mistakes)