View Full Version : CG Tutorials.

2005-10-05, 05:44
Hmm as I am now not either working or going to school I was thinking of learning some CG. I tried to search around the net but all I found was very crappy CG's.

I made a sketch and asked Piroshiki aka. narkagin to CG it, and it was mind blowing as always :). It seems like it's still not finished so I won't post it up or anything. But I'm looking for a good CG tutorial that actually explains how I should do if I want like graphics like many other renai/Visual novells game have.

Anyone that might know any good tutorials on such kind of CG?

2005-10-05, 08:46
There are many different CG tutorials on Deviantart.com

2005-10-05, 09:36
Wow, thank you :3. think I found the right things ^_^.

something for people?


2005-10-05, 11:33
Uuh yeah that's a good one - think I'll fav it myself and try it out later :)

2005-10-05, 12:58
try http://xsibase.com or http://forums.cgsociety.org/