View Full Version : Help Wanted: Xenogears Perfect Works Translation Project

2005-10-02, 16:40
With Haeleth's Permission:

I'm starting a scanlation project of Xenogears Perfect Works, and I'm curious if anyone would be interested in helping out. My website is: http://www.razael.com

Positions: Translator and Image Editor


Translator: While I'm unsure of the exact difficulty of Perfect Works, but the book is about 430 pages long, with varying amounts of text. For an idea of what to expect check out: http://www.razael.com/index.php?content=preview

Another prerequisite is to be able to work with the editor developing the final product.

Image Editor: The Image Editor's primary job is to clean up the scans, remove the Japanese text and place the English text, and towards the latter stages of the project make graphical edits (For example, reworking the index)

If you're interested, you can contact me at either strautter@gmail.com or by AIM at GrausamNight

Thank you,

2005-10-03, 03:45
As an aside, if anyone with any connections to the scanslation scene has any suggestions as to better places to advertise this kind of project, I imagine those would be welcome too.