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2005-08-24, 10:01
I was wondering if anyone knew of any Da Capo Plus Communication fan translations in the works?

Someone is speaking about one at http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17029 but it seems like it's not really going to take off. So I was wondering if anyone had heard of any other projects on it.

2005-08-24, 10:29
I heard a long time ago on gamefaqs that someone was working on a Da Capo translation, but that never took off. I also know one of Hentai Game's Translation Project's (HGTP) project before they came together as one large group was Da Capo. But it seems that project has been put on hiatus. Otherwise, I havent heard anything on a Da Capo translation.

2005-08-24, 12:24
A few months ago isn't exactly a long time.

Either way,

"You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to blah blah blah."

2005-08-24, 12:28
Wow, you get a friendly message like that? All I get is

You don't have permission to access /forum/showthread.php on this server.
Not that I could really care less... Hongfire's about the wretchedest hive of scum and villainy I've ever had the misfortune to visit online.

Um, back on topic... does anyone have a link to this putative Da Capo translation project that doesn't appear to be blocking half the world? ^_^

2005-08-24, 12:31
Um, back on topic... does anyone have a link to this putative Da Capo translation project that doesn't appear to be blocking half the world? ^_^

For sites like Hongfire, there's http://bugmenot.com/ .

Anyway, here's the original and only important post:
I'm honestly not used to posting on these boards, and likely won't become a regular, but I was recommended to posting this request here, so here goes nothing.

Right now, on my hard drive, I have ~190 text files consisting of Kotori's route in DCPC from start to finish, all translated into english. I'm currently undergoing the final editing phase and adding translation notes. How I got the original text files with the script shall remain undisclosed, but the person who managed to supply me with them so far hasn't been able to find a way to, well, put new ones in their place correctly.

Simply, I'm looking for someone with the technical knowhow to do just that; find a way to insert text files into the game, as well as grab the parts of the game that the text files didn't cover (decision points and the location choice maps) so I can translate them. This/These person(s) must be able to deal with the fact that the translation is far from perfect; there are times where the translation sounds uncomfortable, and a few occasions where it plain doen't make sense, simply because I'm not as skilled in Japanese as I would like. If there were a translation being worked on by someone more skilled than I (which won't be hard to find), I would immediately step down, but since I DID have the time and there WASN'T any other alternatives... thus, the person has to be fine with the fact that he would be associating himself with relatively shoddy work. ^^;

As for the life cycle of the project, I do plan to continue translating route by route (probably doing *spoiler* or Tsukishiro Alice next), but I doubt I'd finish more than one of them, if any, before I'm called up for three months to go to jungles and point guns at people. I do plan to keep working on it on a fairly regular basis before and after though (although it took me ~3 months just to complete Kotori's route, albeit a lot of the beginning scenes are reused...). If I can't find anyone who's able to do this, I'd simply compile all the text files and submit the translation to GameFAQs (and maybe I'd do that even IF I find someone, who knows).

If you think you can fit the bill, or know anybody who can, let me know, either by replying to this post, or if it gets nuked, through my email (arkdeeranger at hotmail dot com) or AOL IM (L-L-N-K-8-5, without the dashes).

My thanks in advance.I don't think myself worthy to send an invitation...

2005-08-24, 12:42
...wait, wasn't that the same thing that was posted on GameFAQs the last time?

2005-08-24, 13:17
Oh yes, that one... I remember it now. Sounds like not much has happened since February. I wonder what happened to that Id of Fei chap who said he'd solved the hacking problem and contacted the GameFAQs guy?

2005-08-30, 10:06
First of all, the request from both Hongfire and GameFAQs are indeed the same, made by myself. The GameFAQs request led to people recommending me to post it on Hongfire as well. As you can tell from the date, that was a considerable amount of time ago.

As for progress since, I've talked to two groups about it. The first were a few people from HGTP, a few days after the first request went up, but we'd never kept in contact after, so I presumed that they couldn't help. The second was ID of Fei, who I'd kept into somewhat more contact with, but had apparently been swamped with real-life commitments after the first few weeks of contact. We'd talked on and off every month or so since; I'd sent him an email regarding his status around 4 days ago, if I don't receive a reply soon, I would presume he would be too busy to help as well.

The actual translation of the game script besides Kotori's route is slow due to my own real-life commitments, but by mid-September, I should finish Kudou Kanae's route. If ID of Fei doesn't reply to my email, I'd likely return to "advertising" again, although maybe not until I finish the 2nd route to make the project seem more legitimate.

2005-08-30, 19:06
And you did all this translation by yourself? Wow...

2005-09-07, 13:36
Did anyone talk to Arkanos recently? Sent him an email and PM but not getting a reply...

2005-09-17, 10:59
Just wondering- how do you extract the text from DCPC's .mes files, anyway?

2005-09-17, 11:22
It would be hilarious if they were in the same format as the Ah My Goddess game's .MES files, but I seriously doubt it.

2005-09-17, 11:32
Oops, forgot to post that I have contacted Arkanos.
And the text in .mes files is just xored with FF. You only need to skip the othe opcodes...

2005-09-17, 12:11
I have absolutely no idea what that means. :<

2005-09-17, 21:32
Well, putting English text into the game isn't too difficult, really. The text is encoded in Shift_JIS, but is offset by 0x20. So 0x81 becomes 0x61, etc. Dialog is preceeded by 00 4C in hex, who's speaking is preceeded by 00 4B, and if it's a choice, it's preceeded by 00 4D. The other thing you have to watch for is to make sure you adjust the pointers at the top of the .mes file if you offset any of the pointer references in the file (for example by adding extra bytes). The first byte tells you the number of pointers in the file + 1. If you don't adjust the pointers properly, saving/loading won't work properly and the game may crash.

The bigger issue, though, is adjusting the way the fonts are displayed in the main text area. As you can see in this screenshot (http://relentlessflame.dreamhost.com/da_capo/game/plus_communication/dcpc_quiz8.jpg), text in the main area is fixed-spaced (with manual line breaks, incidentally). The problem is, the grid is way too big for longer English sentences, seeing as you can only fit 22 English characters per line (normally, the text only goes 3 lines, but I haven't tried pushing it to 4 lines yet.) The text in the choice boxes doesn't have the same problem, presumably because they didn't worry about furigana and accent dots there (you can also use single-byte characters in the choice boxes, whereas attempting to do so in the main text area causes it to skip every other letter). Maybe there's an obvious solution to this problem, but that's the hurdle at the moment. (Well, I also haven't figured out the .crx files yet, either.)

In case anyone finds it helpful, here's the MES file (http://relentlessflame.dreamhost.com/da_capo/game/plus_communication/0302c_f01.mes) for that quiz in the screenshot above (only tested on my retail D.C.P.C., Windows XP SP2, with Japanese as the non-unicode font or using AppLocale). I put a nice little "ok" next to all the right answers in the quiz and translated that one question. I don't know any Japanese, but decided to take up the challenge of figuring out the MES anyway last weekend. (Yes, part of my motivation was being able to cheat on the test. :p )

ID of Fei
2005-09-29, 09:26
I regret the fact that i wasn't get a complete text reinsertion program for the DC games, my aspirations were grand, but time and life were against me, so i had to drop the project.

well, if someone wants to resume the project, then e-mail me for the source code

all the source code really needs is a method of parsing the text being inserted back into the .MES file, otherwise, the reinsertion tool is mostly complete.

a note for people to keep in mind though. the code is written in C#

my e-mail: phoenix_rising_000@hotmail.com