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mr. aufziehvogel
2005-08-20, 07:18
..japan or australia?

i wonder what kind of connection did they have in japan (tokyo) and how much they pay for them. i was in australia for vacation, and they have cable modems, but they pay much much more than i do in austria. i personally have a 2mbit/sek cable line and pay 49,90 euro per month.

it's not as good as the guys in ..let's say netherlands (69 euro/month for 20mbit cable !!!) but it's ok.

maybe i will upgrade my connection to 12mbit cable (89/month)

so. what kind of connections do you people here have and how much did you pay?

i wonder if there are cable connections (cable modems) in japan, and how expensive they are.

2005-08-20, 08:15
Why do you ask here? ... In fact, Japan has a considerably cheaper for a high-speed connection than other countries in spite others of general high prices.

DSL nominal max 50-24Mbps (actual 15-8Mpbs more or under) is 4000yen/36euro per month
opticacal line nominal max 100Mbps (actual 30Mpbs more or under) is 5000yen/45euro per month

I roughly estimate they are such prices. It may be cheaper. I wonder if narrow land is advantage in the case?

2005-08-20, 08:29
Well, in Taiwan it's 8mbit for 1000 NTD (about 27 Euros) per month. South Korea gets cheaper connections though.

2005-08-20, 08:31
yeah but is the connection to usa/europe servers good? i mean when i download something from us servers i get 2mbit/sek. when i download something from japan i get max. 50kbyte/sek- and i know a friend from australia, who says that his connection is good in au. but when he treis to load something from europe servers he gets a slooow con.

2005-08-20, 16:26
what you say about australia is true in a sense, we probably pay more for our internet than most european countries, mainly because australia is lakcing in the technology that is freely availble to consumers. yes we have cable and such but it is very limited but its at a reasonable price (though it is only available via 2 companies). I'm not too sure what speeds cable can get upto here in australia as I use DSL since I live TOO FAR out to get cable.

2005-08-20, 17:12
I do believe we were paying around around $10 a month in S. Korea for a 2MB/sec down ADSL connection. Cant remember for sure though...

2005-08-20, 17:12
the post is mine :) i forgot to log in...

so, what i've heard, is that most australians still have 256kbit/sek or max 512kbit/sek connections (dsl i think).

the fastest cable connection here in austria is 12mbit/sek down and 1mbit/sek up, but my provider is making new speeds aviable soon. the next speed upgrade is: 30mbit/sek down and 8mbit/sek up.

i think that's the maximum for cable modems.

a question to Nanatuha: if japanese connections are sooo fast, what limit do they have? transfer limit i mean...

most dsl connections here in austria have like 15-20gbyte/month limit with night flatrates.

my cable con has fair use. officialy, the downloadlimit should be around 10gbyte/month, last month i loaded like..80gbyte? so they didn't care much about the limit.

2005-08-20, 20:02
I got cable and I live in Australia.
One phrase describes it; Barely adaquate
We get capped at 10Gb and get charged about AUS$70 (45 euros) per month
and when we get capped we get capped to less than 64kb/sec
Normally about 100kb/s up and downstream
Nut most of the time the network is laggy and we end up with speeds under 45-ish kb/s

2005-08-20, 20:33
The side to download has no monthly limit in Japan as far as normal use is done.

To be downloaded, I mean rental server, has each limit. those are various from 5G/month and cheap to limitless and expensive. I'm not acquainted with p2p, which don't use specific servers (?), so I don't know about it.

2005-08-20, 20:45
hmm.. i have heard that some people in japan (okinawa) has 100mbit/sek optic dsl (i dont know optic dsl....we dont have that here in austria. we have adsl2 that goes to 24mbit/sek max.

and japan soon will get 10gbit/sek PRIVATE connections. omg. i mean. good. no one could ever use 10gbit/sek cons. why?

ask that guy in okinawa :) no one could use 100mbit/sek cons.

i think they should only sell max. 30mbit/sek because you never get more bandthwith.

the guy in okinawa says the max. he get with his 100mbit/sek line is 2500kbyte/sek. which is around 30mbit/sek. what use is this 10gbit/sek con if there is no server that can send with that speed? :)

2005-08-20, 23:00
Multiple connections? Ie 2000+ or so 400 kb/sec connections wouldn't be impossible, for like multiple http downloads and BT+Emule with IRC XDCC download in the background. Problem here is lack of storage space but that doesn't seem impossible as there are such things as 250Gb hard drives.... (Not to mention those freaky 20 terabyte server disks)

2005-08-21, 02:08
not even harddrives can save with 10gbit/sek :)

and there is another problem. yeah, multiple connections are good BUT think...what kind of backbone do the japanese ppl have?

let's say (theoretically) they have a 1 gbit/sek backbone and there are 20 users online with their 100mbit/sek connections. so they all have 50mbit/sek. and that's the problem of the japanese net. sure the backbones are much highter than 1gbit/sek, but if there are really so much users with 54-100mbit/sek connections, then it's no wonder that they only get like 30mbit/sek with a 100mbit con (in fact i hear that the guy from okinawa had 2500kbyte/sek max. normally he gets only around 100-400kbyte/sek and THAT kind of speed i can get with a 4mbit/sek cable modem easily). and now imagine what will happen if they will get 10gbit/sek private connections. the japanese providers will pay millions for upgrading their backbones etc.

i think it's better to have a little slower connections, and good backbones instead of flooding the net with every one 100mbit/sek.. :)