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2005-08-13, 23:42
Who here enjoys D&D, plays it, and is geeky enough to utilize Key characters in them? XD

I'm guilty of all three; I play constantly, weither it be straight D&D 3.5, Eberron, Forgotten Realms, Grayhawk, or SWRPG (Don't kill me).

Usually I'm a DM, so unless otherwise noted, I'm Dm.

Character-wise, I've used Revvie as a constantly bought/sold welcoming droid in SWRPG; mainly because she greets the party at virtually every spaceport they come to. And although I installed a Pacifist module in her, it's not one of those obnoxious ones that make them try to stop people from fighting. She usually pins bad guys with a 30 str, in the rare occasion that there's a firefight in a spaceport. :D

I've also used Kano as a wizard with Potato familiar at one point, when a friend of mine was in a game I was running alone, (Others didn't show up until a week later) and was a monk. He needed help.

I used Kanna as an objective ONCE (Uraha hires the party to go free her from a statue she's being held prisoner in by those monks. Party either steals the statue and brings it back, where Uraha uses magic to free her, goes in, kills everyone and then brings Kanna back, they hit and run it, get pursued, Ryuuya with 1337 skillz helps fight the monks, or they meet the monks, talk to them, and agree to go back and kill Uraha/Ryuuya for trying to free an "Evil being." Level 8-10 (They're MONKS! Of course it's hard!), or 10-12 if you try the last way of winning.).

I've used Akiko in a SWRPG game where the entire party was filled with Darksiders. She was a Jedi consular 8/Master 4, and she fought the entire party at once alone. She Master Speeded away, snuck down to the bottom of the building, set Thermonuclear powered shockwave Charges, and escaped before the place went down on the party's head.

I gave them at least 10 hints, too. >_<

Used Nayuki as a grease monkey who fixed a character's X-wing in SWRPG. Makoto as a troublesome fox spirit that was irritating a village. Minagi as a ghost who lead the party through a difficult part; and into a boss fight on behest of the evil Michiru, whom was a 8 Sorcerer/5 Mindbender.

The junker as virtually every Gun Bunny character I had; you NEVER see a guy who uses guns that DOESN'T have a 5.7 type-gun on him somewhere, weither it be the five-seven, or the P90.

Mai was a town guardsman. Same Module as Makoto's.

Shiori is usually an Ice Mage. I used the metamagic feats, I admit.

Well, fess up! How's your D&Ding?

With enough interest, an IRC/MSN/AIM campaign would be nice. :D

2005-08-14, 05:42
I've played a couple 3.5 games, sat in on a Wheel of Time session, and played one mission on Shadowrun (I had a sniper setup-- DM had the enemy being a dragon at the top of a mountain gaurded by aether spirits, so I was completely useless [didn't help that i took the "distinct style" flaw of making sure all my victims had both eyes shot out] ..... thank god they had network problems ^_^.... Its fun when you bribe down a dragon ^_^)

anyways point is, I'm not an expert, but If you'll DM, I'd play.

2005-08-14, 22:34
there was a site for D&D games www.rondaksportal.com you can start games and join games etc

2005-08-15, 03:33
I suddenly recalled something.

Now I think of D&D, I bought The Dark Elf Trilogy Corrector's Edition when I've just begun to learn English. And when the book arrived I looked at the book, weighed, threw away, and slept well with a thick, bundled paper pillow. I haven't read even a page.

I must conquer the 1-hand blunt weapon some day. *talking in sleep*