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2005-08-13, 08:54
Might as well get hyped up now...they posted a trailer for it. (http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/article.php?id=6666)

edit It's the same one as the one from ep 13. x.x; But regardless...it's coming~

2005-08-13, 10:43
Who's gonna be the first to fansub it?

2005-08-13, 10:49
Probably nobody competent, and almost certainly not Takeda Honyakubu. :P

2005-08-13, 10:59
Probably nobody competent, and almost certainly not Takeda Honyakubu. :P


Despite the fact that I sobbed like a little girl from the end of episode 11 all the way through 12 and into the first half of 13, I laughed when Kanna was practicing with the rocks.

Bonk Bonk BONK!

Kanna: ..... *Falls over*

2005-08-16, 08:37
Perhaps the legendary speedsubbing group KOI will revive themselves and sub the AIR summer special.

/me crosses fingers

2005-08-30, 01:17
i just spotted what looks to be the first of the summer special eps out in [one of the l337er places for acquiring anime raws]!

downloading it as i type this *beams*


i probably shouldnt have stayed up this late and waited for it to finish.. then watched it..

but, it was worth it XD

2005-08-30, 03:41
..... your not supposed to post links to full eps here, I do believe. Even if it is RAW.

2005-08-30, 05:17
Link? What link? :P

Well, if it's out, and we're watching it various ways which I will choose to assume are all perfectly legitimate (please don't disillusion me)... break out the rot13 and discuss!

2005-08-30, 06:42
(please don't disillusion me)
<strike> It looks already impossible any further to me. :p</strike>

2005-08-30, 09:13
Okay, so it's pretty much exactly as expected - the parts of SUMMER that they left out in the original run, animated to the same high quality as the rest.

I kind of wish they'd repeated the parts they already showed too... the effect is kind of disjointed. I wonder if anyone's going to edit this and the SUMMER episodes of the original series together to produce a single and complete SUMMER...?

2005-08-30, 11:23
..... your not supposed to post links to full eps here, I do believe. Even if it is RAW.

whoops sorry about that-

The only complaint i had was what haeleth already mentioned - some of the scene changes hop over a quite a bit of plot, with no explanation. Not that i really felt i needed it, but some people not so.. fanatic as us will probably loose their frame of reference a few times.

But enough about the bad!

gur punatrf gb gur vaeb jrer n avpr fhcevfr, v'yy arire pbzcynva jura xnaan trgf zber fperra gvzr. Vg jnf n oyrffvat gb svanyyl frr gur fvqr bs xnaan gung jr bayl tbg tyvzcfrf bs va gur gjb zrnfryl rcvfbqrf gung gurl nyybggrq ure. Xnaan avooyvat ba gur ahg, naq fynccvat gur zrybaf (qbxb ab buvzr fnzn qn? [npx EBG13 qbfag jbex sbe wncnarfr! ragre ebznawv..]) ner n srj bs zl snibevgr arj fprarf ^^

All in all it just makes me sad that i'm not good enough at reading japanese to enjoy the game, because goodness knows how many Other scenes there are that viewers of the anime miss out on.

But i have a feeling kanna might get a few more votes next character battle!

2005-08-30, 14:50
They do show that one scene with Kanna, Ryuuya and the Azuma soldier again, and I think they reuse a shot or two here and there.

All in all, it was very enjoyable, though it was interesting that Kanna running in the fields has a AIR IN SUMMER watermark on the lower right, which means that the preview of it at the end of the summary episode would actually be a better video source for that :3

Furthermore, I'm pleased they changed some footage in the opening and ending to make it more "SUMMER"-y.

2005-08-30, 16:10
Also, a minor thing, but i thought that the addition of Kanna and Ryuuya (i'm fairly sure it was him) holding hands at the end of the closing song, as per the logo / children from the end of the series, was a nice touch.

2005-08-30, 21:50

A semi-related question: From looking at Play-Asia.com, it seems that the Air In Summer DVD (http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-a7-77-j-15-air-70-rfl-43-9.html) is out in October. However, there is also this Air In Memories DVD (http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-a7-77-i-15-air-70-rfm-43-9.html) out in November. At a running time of 55 minutes, I wouldn't think it's going to be TOO long, but does anyone have any idea what it is, exactly?

2005-08-31, 03:37
The Memories DVD is that recap 13th episode plus all the footage that was on the AIR -Prelude- DVD that is a real pain to get now cuase its out of print.

2005-08-31, 06:45
The Memories DVD is that recap 13th episode plus all the footage that was on the AIR -Prelude- DVD that is a real pain to get now cuase its out of print.

you can purchase the AIR Prelude DVD from Yahoo Japan Auctions, there are quite a few there that you could probably pick up cheaply. but its more of a thing of getting to shipped to you via a auction agent. the same for the collector's edition of the movie, I really regret not preordering that with the special edition and have to look for it via Yahoo Japan auctions

2005-08-31, 16:53
AIR Memories is just there to milk money :D
I wonder if they're going to put in creditless OP/EDs of SUMMER in there too.

Man... a whole set Prelude, 1-6, SUMMER, Memories would look really awesome together, since the spines fit together into a picture of the sky.

2005-09-07, 14:53
Anyone else watched the kouhen yet? I thought they handled Kanna's, uh, "scenes", just perfectly. ^_^

Someone really needs to splice the various bits of SUMMER together properly, though.

2005-09-07, 16:18
I watched the second part yesterday as well - but unfortunately the language was quite a bit more difficult in this episode then the first one.

i'll need to wait for the fansubbed version to pop up before i'll Really be sure what exatly happened there ;;o_o

That said, i thought the extra scenes involving Kanna's juggling really helped to develop that piece of the plot. In the series everything was a bit rushed, and it feels like the scenes with kanna's mother would have had a lot more impact had the viewers been given a chance to see kanna's triumphs alongside her amusing failures in that regard.

during the ending theme i had this little spark of hope that there would be some kind of preview at the end.. but alas ;_;