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2005-08-12, 15:54
can anyone tell me how to unlock the hidden characters and any extras please

2005-08-13, 11:18
I don't know how to find everything that's in there yet, but I have managed to drag out quite a few characters and modes thanks to a lot of experimentation and a little bit of 2ch (and yet 2ch proved so much more lucrative).

General non-spoiler advice: be sure you've got the latest patch, set the difficulty to easy and start beating the main game with everyone you've got. When a new mode pops up, try clearing that too if it's feasible with every character you have, whether you've already unlocked someone through them or not. If someone doesn't seem to yield anyone right away, turn the difficulty up and try it again. And don't waste your time looking for Michiru because she's not in there yet as of writing; there'll be a patch later.

More specific details (rot-13'ed for your protection):

Game Modes
Fhzzre Zbqr - orng gur abezny tnzr jvgu nalbar, nal qvssvphygl (hapbasvezrq -- V fgnegrq jvgu Zvfhmh, fb vg pbhyq erdhver ure)
Obff Nggnpx Zbqr - orng gur abezny tnzr jvgu nyy guerr fgnegvat punenpgref, nal qvssvphygl

Unehxb - orng gur abezny tnzr jvgu Zvfhmh, nal qvssvphygl
UvznUvzn Qe.X - orng gur abezny tnzr jvgu Xnab, nal qvssvphygl
Anxrq Zvfhmh va n Gva Pna - orng obff nggnpx zbqr jvgu Zvfhmh, nal qvssvphygl
Vafnar Xnab - orng obff nggnpx zbqr jvgu Xnab, nal qvssvphygl
Xrvfhxr - orng gur abezny tnzr jvgu Unehxb, abezny qvssvphygl be uvture (hapbasvezrq)
Fuvenub(?) - orng gur abezny tnzr jvgu Uvwvev, abezny qvssvphygl be uvture (hapbasvezrq)
V'ir nyfb urneq fcrpvsvp zragvba bs Xnaan naq Lhxvgb orvat va gur pheerag irefvba, ohg V qba'g xabj ubj gb haybpx gurz. Fhzzre zbqr jbhyq or n tbbq cynpr gb fgneg; ng gur irel yrnfg, vg'yy gnxr lbh n juvyr... ;)

Rkgen Fgntr - orng gur tnzr va abezny zbqr jvgu na F enax ba nyy fgntrf (hapbasvezrq)

If you're having trouble meeting any of these requirements, I can give you one piece of advice that I found very helpful: the only boss you have to beat is the last one. If any of the others have attacks that you absolutely can't handle (hint hint), try waiting for the timer to run out on the first attack and you'll never have to deal with them. Good luck!

2005-08-13, 11:20
Wasn't there a thread like this before? Lemme see if I can find the linkage.

Ahh, here we go.


2005-08-13, 11:59
Useful to have the link here; FWIW, though, this is about the sequel to the games discussed in that thread. ^_^

2005-08-13, 12:12
Useful to have the link here; FWIW, though, this is about the sequel to the games discussed in that thread. ^_^


2005-08-15, 01:55
Does Anyone know how the multiplayer works....
I got friends who all want to try playing together

2005-08-15, 10:41
You play 2P on the same computer simultaneously.

In that case, it's really helpful to have joysticks. :3

2005-08-15, 16:16
Also what keys do you use for the second player?
And How do you chnage the keys?
Do keyboards count?

2005-08-15, 22:31
Get two controllers/Joysticks.

2005-08-17, 03:16
A keyboard is not recommended for 2 players to play on simultaneously. The maximum of 4 keys that can be pressed at the same time already says a lot about that one...>.>

2005-08-17, 08:46
Not really. Some computers enable "sticky keys" that makes it possible to press up to 8 simultaneous buttons. My laptop does that for some reason.

2005-08-18, 00:40
i can't get to the button config screen... After pressing the entry I get a duh-duh sound....