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2005-08-10, 02:45
Is something wrong at the moment with the server that hosts the Kanon patches? I ask this because the anticipation of reading Kanon, which i just aquired of a friend, is gnawing at me and I want to get the English patch...
Hoping for a reply
I am new; please don't bash me...

2005-08-10, 03:51
Yes, it seems to be down temporarily. You can get the patch from http://haeleth.net/temp/kanon-translation-0.57.zip in the meantime.

2005-08-10, 16:11
Does anyone know where I can get the files for the voice patch as well?
My friend bundled me the Dreamcast disk (He trusts me greatly) and told me to grab the files for the sound ripper myself...etc Any ideas?
Thanks in advance
Edit When I said Dreamcast disk I ment the console with it... and a serial cable! Now to wait one whole day for the rip to finish...

2005-08-10, 16:32
So far as I know you'll need an actual Dreamcast and some kind of transfer cable in order to get the files off that disk.

(To avoid anyone else mentioning it: as we all know, there are other ways to get the files themselves, which ought to be fairly obvious. You may or may not consider them ethically acceptable if you have an actual copy of the disk in your possession. However, please remember that talking about P2P services here is strictly forbidden.)

Once you've got the voice files from the disk, you can find the remaining instructions for the voice patch in the sticky thread. You won't have all the patch files you need, because the downloads are still down right now so you can't get the voice patch support files. If the download server is still down by the time you need them, let me know and I'll get you a copy by some other means.