View Full Version : how would you say heart burn in japanese

2005-08-01, 02:08
how would you say heart burn, i tend to get heart burn some times but i have no idea how to say it and my grandparents cant understand that much english could someone type it in romaji or hiragana i cant read that much kanji

2005-08-01, 03:33
word-starting-with-pattern search of English heartburn in the main dictionary.
Two Matches Found

(n) heartburn; sour stomach

(n) heartburn

Shamelessly copied from a dictionary.
And even with the hiragana you wanted.
You can find a dictionary server at http://www.df.lth.se/cgi-bin/j-e/jis/fg=r/dict?sDict=on&LI=1 if you need further words.