View Full Version : New edition of Air on PS2?

2005-07-25, 14:21
I noticed that Interchannel's site had an announcement of a new edition of Air to be released on the PS2 in September. There's very little news on it, and the small announcement just links back to Interchannel's original release page for the game. Does anyone know if this is anything to get excited over, or if it's just a reprint of the first edition on PS2?

2005-07-25, 14:29
In the case of Kanon, IIRC the "Best Edition" was basically just a budget rerelease, with about a score of extremely minor emendations to the script. I expect the AIR one will be the same.

2005-07-25, 23:46
The Best Editions tend to be a lot cheaper too. I remember my local store selling Kanon Regular Edition at $70 while Best Edition was at $30. Probably the same thing will occur with the AIR Best Edition.

Its a good way to get the voice patches for your PC version of the game ^^.

2005-07-29, 13:48
Haeleth _did_ say "budget rerelease"...

2005-07-29, 15:49
Hehe... woops... missed that... >_< ah well, at least I put up some prices to get a feel of the price differances.