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2005-07-25, 13:28
is there a program that lets you run ISO files, i think i remember a program that gives you vurtal drives

2005-07-25, 13:52
Google for "daemon tools" - I expect that's what you're thinking of.

Very useful program... I'd go mad if I had to reach over to my CD rack every time I wanted to play a different game.

2005-07-31, 13:31
I prefer Alcohol 120% because it lets you burn/load all kinds of different CD images (Nero,CloneCD,DiscJuggler,MD5) and you can have multiple virtual drives.

Edit: I forgot the URL... here: http://www.alcohol-soft.com/

2005-08-01, 15:49
Alcohol 120% isn't free and expires after 30 days.

I've been using Daemon ever since.

2005-08-01, 16:22
Yep Daemon is the way to go with it's nifty tiny 500kb installation program.

And it can read nero nrg's too...

2005-08-01, 17:05
I use a combination of Nero ImageDrive and Daemon Tools. One virtual drive with Nero, one with Daemon. I could make it more, but this seems enough virtual drives for now :). As it is, I have a memory stick also, so my drives go up to G:

2005-08-01, 20:07
My drives go up to K:/, knowing how many USB keydrives we have around here...oh, and did I mention the card reader thingy?

2005-08-01, 20:13
My cousin once used a four-card card reader here to get some pics he'd taken of an "expedition" of ours with his phone onto my computer. That added four drives: H, I, J, and K. However those were just temporary and lasted for all of five minutes. Though I was amused to scandisk and defrag his card :). (Force of habit)

Kind of annoying was the fact that it added four cards, but he only had one, and we had to keep trying all four drive letters to find the ONE card that was actually in a slot.

2005-08-02, 08:49
I solved that problem of my six in one card reader by sharing the only drive letter that I would use. That way the little hand would remind me which one to use, cuase I could never remember ><. It also made my pictures conveniantly accessible by my laptop which doesnt have a card reader ^^.