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2005-07-24, 01:33
yesterday i had some serious problems. windows (xp) had some corrupt filesystem (ntfs.)
ok, i rebooted and in the booting sequence,windows wrote, that it fixes some indexes on the hd. it restores some REALLY old files (like 1 year old txt files) and i think it destroied my hd by overwriting some of the files with "old data".
i don't know why, but all, ALL my videos are broken now. i deleted all. my games are running BUT (in case of majipuri) they are a little slower than usual. i don't know if it only feels that way for me, or if it's real. so i tried majipuri demo and played that "opening video". hmm it is damn slow. i don't know what happend. i mean, this error came out of the blue........
i deleted my windows and installed linux. now i have one question. is there any way, to play the following games under linux?

kanon, clannad, majipuri, planetarian, hanihani, fate stay/night,

please help :)


2005-07-24, 01:59
Kanon, yeah if you ever looked closely at the download page of this very website you'd see what you need.
Clannad? Well I guess xclannad (http://www.creator.club.ne.jp/~jagarl/xclannad.html) should be of help.
Hanihani? With Onscripter? After all the demo by insani is already multi-platform...
Planetarian? Hm...currently trying wine might be the best (unless xclannad evolves into a interpreter for reallive, which would still not make the translation work if you wonder about that). However if you changed to linux you are likely to have a 'different hardware' setting so you won't be able to activate your planetarian anyways, tough luck.
Fate? Well try wine...
What wine is? www.winehq.com
I don't know how they are currently running with wine, but your chances are not bad that you might actually get it running. Bishoujo games do not need complicated direct x features after all [though sometimes the direct sound/music features it requires surpass wine's capabilities].

2005-07-24, 07:52
Planetarian? Hm...currently trying wine might be the best (unless xclannad evolves into a interpreter for reallive, which would still not make the translation work if you wonder about that)...

Just keep in mind that judging by the system requirements, it looks like you will need some Linux DirectX alternative...
Required: Pentium II 300, 48MB RAM (128MB RAM if in Windows 2000 or XP), 200MB free disk space, DirectSound-compliant sound card, DirectX-compliant video card with the capability to display at least 800x600 @ 16-bit color.

I have, heard, however, that there is such an alternative called WineX...but I'm short on time to Google and provide the link for you. Gomen! ^^;

2005-07-24, 08:09
Not a single person has reported being able to play planetarian through WINE or Cedega. However, we do know for a fact that Virtual PC on OS X will run it just fine, so you'd probably be able to run it using VMWare or the like.

The latest version of Cedega can play Majipuri.

And you *really* weren't paying attention when we did our release of the Hanihani demo, were you?

2005-07-24, 13:09
Just keep in mind that judging by the system requirements, it looks like you will need some Linux DirectX alternative...

Wine has a bit of directx. I stated trying wine would be the best [though okay cedega is a bit better in that regard though I didn't think that it's that much better for it since I've heard they are mainly working on features for games that most people want to run] because I intendedly left out virtual pc&vmware...as, just to add this here, they are not much less than 200$, which is just great.
I think it's not worth that much in this case, with the same amount of money you can buy another (huge [300gb?]) HDD on which you can make a windows partition, which you can use for games. If you use it for nothing else but original games [which doesn't require even an internet connection] then it's hard to screw up the OS.
Edit: To give a bit more advice to this way: I know it's not actually running it on linux but I strongly think it's good enough.
Anyways if you still have one IDE to spare you can just get another hd, cheap, 60 gb or something, if you don't you can get a bigger one and use partitions. If you are worried about noise or heat, you can make the linux hdd shut down when windows is used and the windows hdd shut down when linux is used. If you want to move files from you linux partition to your windows one, like a game demo or something, you can use captive ntfs to access your windows hdd and write on it [do not use the standard ntfs kernel module to write, when I last looked the writing was experimental, and it has been for a while and I don't assume that it changed yet].

2005-07-24, 14:03
thanks. i think i will reinstall win xp as "gaming only" system. i mean, everytime i think i can trust my win xp, something like filesys corruption or viruses happen. i think i will use linux for video and win for gaming. linux is very good for video/storage (reliable) but its far from being an opponent for win, when it comes to gaming. i have tried linux only for 3 years (red hat 7.1 or something :) and played quake3 with my linux pc. (faster than win) but its not very good. i mean, i missed all the win software.

2005-07-25, 03:21
Get hold of vmware.It will play everything but the newer 3D intensive games flawlessly , and even for the 3D there is some preliminary support.Its also handy for the odd windows program that has no linux equivalent and won't run under wine ( getting rarer these days,thankfully).

2005-07-25, 09:09
i don't think i will use vmware because it's like a new hd with windows on it. i mean, i have to install windows in vmware. there is no advance for me . i think i will reinstall win xp (like i said as "guest" :)

2005-07-29, 11:25
I had Clannad, Kanon standard edition and Planetarian running in wine under linux. You need a bunch of patches for handling japanese text (can't remember where I found them but I have them lying around somewhere and could host them if anyone is interested). It worked perfectly, but I recently had to reinstall my whole system and haven't gotten round to reinstalling the games yet.

Air and Kanon original, not standard, edition do not work in wine with those patches but can be run with xkanon. However, I couldn't get the voice patch working with xkanon, if anyone knows if it is possible it like to hear how (especially for Air).