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2005-07-17, 12:30
Are there any compelling reasons (hardware/OS compatibility, script changes) to buy the Standard Edition over the original all ages release? Also, does the new version ship in a large box or just a DVD case?

2005-07-17, 14:41
There aren't any major script changes as far as I'm aware, but the Standard Edition runs without the problems the older versions tend to have on Windows XP.

I haven't seen the packaging myself, but I'm led to believe that it's just a DVD case. There certainly aren't any extras that'd require a large box.

2005-07-17, 15:41
To downsize boxes is good thing. *As averting eyes from the heap of boxes*

2005-07-17, 19:23
The Standard Edition does come in a cardboard box, albeit a small one. It's about the size of a DVD case, though almost twice as thick (i.e. the semi-standard modern small game box size). Inside, the game DVD is packed in a normal CD-size jewel case.

2005-07-17, 19:54
It just occured to me that we actually had a picture buried in one of the earlier threads.


Local man of valour GreatSaintLouis with the goods.

2005-07-17, 20:01
Our resident man of valour (GreatSaintLouis) with the goods.
I'm surprised his picture hasn't made nijiura yet =P
Let us reflect upon the bountiful wisdom of サナララ at this point:

「さ、さいしゅーへーき? それにマイバディって…」
「Yes,you are.

2005-07-17, 22:47
Heh, forgot that picture was still lurking about. The Standard Edition for All Ages indeed comes in a small cardboard box, about the dimensions of a DVD case, although twice as thick. Inside, the box comes the DVD in a plain, art-less jewel case (boo! hiss!) although the art on the DVD is quite nice. Also included are an instruction/character profile book, the obligatory comment card found in every Japanese game, CD, book, or packaged foodstuffs you will ever buy, a small Technical Manual for any problems you might have installing or running the game, a small flyer advertising Key's other games as well as Key Sounds label releases, and my favorite, an Ayu trading card for some collectable card game - Lycee or something like that. I'm not sure if Ayu's in all the games or if they mix up the girls.

最終兵器大聖勇士だ! 奈須きのこじゃないよ!

shii looper
2005-07-24, 21:25
Local man of valour GreatSaintLouis with the goods.Thank you for the picture, I'm in mid-Kyushu right now and looking for Kanon (although I can't find it anywhere).

2005-07-25, 03:21
Maybe it helps if you run around with a sign with something similar to that on it:
助けて呉れ!カノン~Standard Edition~(18禁反)を購入致したいのですが。店へ指揮為さり下さいませんか
...or just find a proper shop ;). It should also be available in kyuushuu, obviously. If it's not then it could be that it's already become unavailable...I mean it's been over half a year and shops might tend to take it out of their sortiment (though I don't think kanon would vanish that quickly from their shelves..)

2005-08-01, 20:29
I finally found it in Fukuoka... guess the store? Gamers, of course! They also stock Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou as a large part of a small manga shelf. Errr... they did, anyway, before I got through with them.

If you ever go to Japan, find the nearest Gamers near where you will stay. This is a little oasis from the bustle of Japanese life.

Description as above is correct-- the "standard edition" was underwhelming, but at least it will work, and it's surprisingly cheap and bugfree, and I can get it through customs. Hell, I even want to buy Lysee packs just to knock down the Leaf and AliceSoft fanboys (Piro?) with my superior deck. Now I will patiently wait for a full translation, RealLive patch, and xclannad completion, all of which in my imagination happen at the same time six months from now.

2005-08-01, 23:58
Excellent, another Standard Edition owner. The desire is spreading! I shall call us Legion, for we are many!